Top 10 Tips For A Successful Network Marketing Presentation

As network marketers,​ we often have important information to​ impart and our role in​ doing so is​ a​ major one. Many,​ many times I have had the​ pleasure of​ having people approach me to​ say how hearing me speak literally changed their lives due to​ the​ powerful message and the​ persuasiveness of​ the​ delivery. Most people in​ MLM are not trained presenters or​ salespersons but there are a​ few steps everyone can take to​ make sure their message has the​ best possible chance of​ being well received. Here are my top tips:

1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Not every pitch will work for everyone so before you​ go to​ present the​ products or​ the​ business,​ whether it’s to​ just one person or​ to​ many,​ do a​ little research to​ ensure you’re presenting at​ the​ appropriate level. if​ your presentation is​ too lightweight,​ you’ll bore them; too in​ depth,​ you’ll confuse them. Either way,​ they will switch off and your vital words will fall on​ deaf ears.

2. WIIFM: Yes,​ that old chestnut,​ but it’s worth repeating as​ it’s so often forgotten. Bearing in​ mind tip no. 1,​ what are the​ challenges faced by this person or​ this group of​ people? How does your business opportunity or​ your product solve their problems? Focus on​ answering these questions rather than trotting out the​ mechanics of​ your offering. Your audience must feel you’ve prepared your presentation specially for them,​ even if​ it’s essentially the​ same one you’re giving all the​ time.

3. CONTINUALLY LEARN AND PRACTICE PRESENTING: One of​ the​ most important skills any network marketer can hone is​ that of​ becoming an​ accomplished speaker. it​ impacts so many other areas of​ your life as​ it​ massively increases your self-confidence. the​ more professionally you​ can deliver your message,​ the​ more readily it​ will be received,​ the​ more lives you​ will touch and the​ more money you​ will make in​ your business. Learning to​ present well is​ an​ investment in​ yourself and can give you​ the​ greatest return on​ the​ capital you’ve invested.

4. HANDLE DISSENTERS WELL: One of​ the​ major fears I hear from network marketers is​ that of​ being faced with doubting prospects or​ those who dispute what they’re being told. Unfortunately,​ the​ tendency is​ to​ dig in​ and fight your corner but this can turn the​ discussion into an​ argument and work against you,​ especially if​ you’re giving a​ presentation in​ front of​ a​ group. When you’re faced with negativity,​ always start your answer with “That’s a​ very good question…” and continue with your viewpoint. Wherever possible,​ turn things around to​ make your audience right. Download a​ free “one-sheet crib sheet” on​ this important subject at​

5. SHOW,​ DON’T TELL: Show the​ products you’re talking about. Let people feel,​ smell and see for themselves instead of​ just hearing what they are like. if​ you’re making a​ presentation about the​ business opportunity,​ remember that your company has probably done a​ lot to​ make things easier for you. Make sure you​ get the​ prospecting materials they offer,​ show the​ pictures of​ the​ top distributors,​ talk about them as​ if​ they are real people .

6. LET YOUR GUARD DOWN: People buy from those they know,​ like and trust. How can they do any of​ this if​ you​ won’t let them get to​ know the​ real you. you​ don’t have to​ be perfect,​ you​ can talk about your own challenges,​ beliefs,​ family,​ hopes and dreams. Doing so gives your prospects more opportunity to​ identify with you​ so you​ can use the​ similarities to​ build rapport.

7. STORIES INSTEAD of​ FACTS: When we get excited about our products,​ we often delve into the​ features of​ the​ products,​ what works and why. This is​ all very exciting once you’ve had your first wonderful product experience,​ but it​ doesn’t make for a​ very exciting lead-in to​ your presentation. People want to​ know about results. They want the​ bottom line. There’s plenty of​ time to​ get to​ the​ detail later but to​ start this way could send most of​ your prospects to​ sleep (apart from the​ professors in​ the​ audience,​ of​ course). the​ best way to​ illustrate what your products or​ business opportunity can do is​ through telling stories. Use your own story or​ a​ case study of​ someone you​ know. Use emotive words. Remember,​ not just the​ facts,​ the​ feelings too.

8. MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: When people laugh they feel more relaxed and amenable. Every situation has a​ humorous side and if​ you’re telling a​ tragic story your prospects will welcome the​ respite that comes with a​ moment of​ levity. the​ golden rule is​ to​ move people: make ‘em laugh,​ make ‘em cry,​ then they buy. This is​ something I aim to​ do in​ every presentation because it​ means I’ve moved my audience emotionally. I appreciate this is​ an​ advanced technique,​ but if​ you​ learn how to​ do it,​ you’ll increase your success rate exponentially.

9. DON’T TELL – ASK: Instead of​ telling your prospects everything,​ get them answering questions. Rather than saying “Did you​ know that only 1% of​ people retire financially free?”,​ ask them “What percentage of​ people do you​ think retire financially free?”. This gets your prospects involved and if​ you​ word your questions correctly,​ you’re coaching them to​ the​ purchase decision rather than having to​ push them into buying. This is​ a​ technique I teach that I’ve perfected over the​ years. it​ works great for network marketers and women and I call it​ “pull selling”.

10. GIVE a​ REASON to​ ACT NOW: Again,​ not being salespersons,​ many network marketers give a​ great presentation and then wimp out without asking for the​ order. Your prospect’s motivation will never be higher than it​ is​ at​ that moment so make sure you​ use this to​ your advantage. Think of​ reasons why they should place their order today. Some possible reasons might be because you​ are offering a​ special bonus or​ prices are about to​ increase or​ there’s an​ order deadline coming up so they’ll get their goods sooner or​ you’re placing an​ order too so they’ll save on​ the​ postage or​ you’re offering a​ discount on​ orders placed today or​ you’re seeing someone else who could become a​ distributor and will go beneath them. Whatever it​ is,​ tell them,​ and secure the​ sale.
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