Tips To Help You Get The Best Mortgage Rate

Tips to​ Help you​ Get the​ Best Mortgage Rate
Whether you​ are ready to​ get your first mortgage,​ or​ you​ are a​ seasoned veteran of​ the​ mortgage game,​ there are a​ lot of​ tips you​ can use to​ help keep your mortgage rates low and your total costs associated with the​ mortgage note low .​
Many of​ these tips only take a​ few minutes and can help save you​ thousands of​ dollars over the​ life of​ the​ mortgage note!
First,​ like with any other purchase - shop around! Talk to​ several lenders and brokers about what they can offer you​ .​
You'll find that you​ can often find a​ lot of​ competition amongst mortgage lenders even during tough economic times .​
If you​ have a​ stellar credit rating you​ will often find that the​ mortgage writers want your business no matter what the​ economy is​ doing and will fight for it​ - which is​ always an​ advantage for you! Some people chose to​ go to​ mortgage brokers to​ help them shop for a​ good deal .​
Brokers don't loan you​ the​ money directly,​ but rather work with lenders to​ find you​ the​ best deal possible .​
It's important,​ though,​ to​ ask them how they get paid and who they work with .​
you​ want to​ find a​ broker who can work with a​ wide variety of​ lending institutions and who isn't paid by the​ lender (at least not totally) .​
in​ this way it​ ensures they are looking out for your interests and not just their own financial gain.
Next,​ get a​ list of​ all the​ fees and other costs associated with the​ mortgage .​
Don't be afraid to​ question fees or​ ask for them to​ be lowered .​
you​ typically won't get every fee changed but you​ will be surprised how much can be changed by just asking .​
Be on​ the​ lookout for any extraordinarily high fees that seem out of​ place .​
Don't let the​ money you​ save in​ interest be eaten through outrageous fees!
Watch out for PMI! PMI,​ or​ Private Mortgage Insurance,​ is​ typically required when you​ have less than 20% equity in​ your home .​
It's an​ insurance policy that protects the​ lender from you​ not paying your note .​
It's one of​ the​ many reasons why you​ should always strive to​ put down the​ largest down payment you​ can comfortably afford .​
If you​ can only afford to​ put down say 18% of​ the​ purchase price ask your lender about doing away with PMI .​
the​ 20% rule isn't written in​ stone,​ and mortgage lenders will work with those who have good financial track records .​

Once you​ find the​ rates you​ like on​ the​ terms you​ like it​ is​ important to​ lock in​ the​ mortgage .​
Always be sure to​ get everything in​ writing - verbal agreements just won't do .​
Interest rates can change overnight and fees can mysteriously go up when it​ comes time to​ sign the​ final papers .​
Be locking in​ rates and other fees now you​ can avoid the​ hassle of​ having to​ go through it​ all again at​ closing time.
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