Tips On How Your Bookkeeper Can Reduce Your Taxes By Hundreds Of Dollars

Tips on​ How Your Bookkeeper Can Reduce Your Taxes By Hundreds Of Dollars
Standard monthly expenses for your Business are transferred from you​ to​ your Tax Professional to​ be put on​ your Schedule C .​
No problem,​ most people get this part right .​
It’s the​ thousands of​ dollars in​ miscellaneous receipts that many people forget when under the​ haze of​ tax season .​
These miscellaneous expenditures can save a​ small business owner hundreds if​ not thousands of​ dollars in​ tax liabilities .​
1 .​
Advertising Cost – the​ standard deductions are always there,​ Newspaper Ads,​ Business Cards,​ Outside Signs,​ Yellow Page Ad…. .​
But what about the​ one time cost for the​ Search Engine submission $450,​ or​ the​ renewal of​ your three domain names at​ $8.95 per name,​ and the​ special pay per click campaign of​ $720.00 Total $1196.85
2 .​
And what about the​ little gifts you​ purchased for clients that had referred new clients to​ you? $25.00 each,​ 10 gifts .​
Total $300.00
3 .​
Shipping cost,​ of​ yes,​ remember those 3 rush jobs when you​ shipped documents to​ the​ clients using Fed Ex? you​ don’t know where the​ receipts are,​ however,​ it​ was $17.50 each time .​
$17.50 x 3 = 52.50
4 .​
Oh yes,​ what about that time you​ rented the​ carpet cleaning machine to​ clean the​ office carpet? It was cheaper then calling a​ professional carpet cleaning service or​ so you​ thought! $55.00
5 .​
And don’t forget that your spouse’s boss’s son was selling that Pre-Paid Legal Service that cost $19.95 per month .​
It is​ to​ be used 100% for Business .​
Ya,​ I​ guess! OK,​ $19.95 x 12 = $239.40
6 .​
Remember that time when the​ kids at​ the​ bus stop broke the​ office window throwing the​ football back and forth .​
You were so upset that you​ accidentally locked your keys in​ the​ office .​
$180.00 window replacement and $85.00 for a​ Mobile Locksmith .​
$180 + 85.00 = $265.00
7 .​
Now,​ was there anything else besides paying your niece $25.00 a​ month to​ pick up the​ trash around the​ office building? $25.00 x 12 = $300.00
8 .​
Yes,​ the​ Christmas party for the​ clients .​
$1500 for the​ caterer,​ $480 for the​ wine,​ $230 for the​ flowers and decorations and $350 for the​ Entertainment .​
Total $2780.00
The total amount of​ legal tax deductions listed above is​ over $5,​000.00 .​
Can you​ afford to​ loose $5000 worth of​ deductions?
When you​ arrived at​ the​ Tax office,​ you​ forgot about most of​ the​ above deductions…no problem,​ because you​ had a​ GOOD Bookkeeper,​ and each month you​ fax your receipts,​ credit card statements and check book register to​ her .​
Her Bookkeeping Service provided Monthly reports as​ well as​ an​ Annual Report of​ your expenditures to​ your Tax Person .​
You had nothing to​ worry about!
Oh,​ that’s not how it​ happened?
As it​ turns out many small business owners do not keep up with ALL expenditures each month .​
As a​ result hundreds of​ dollars and in​ some cases thousands of​ dollars worth of​ legal tax deductions are loss.
Maintaining recording and even faxing or​ delivering your receipts to​ your bookkeeper is​ a​ habit that can be developed .​
It is​ a​ habit that can reduce your tax liability tremendously.
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