Tips For Preparing Your Taxes From The Internet

Tips For Preparing Your Taxes from the​ Internet
When it​ comes to​ preparing our taxes,​ many of​ us could use some help .​
The following websites offer guidance and information that may assist you​ in​ learning about how to​ get the​ most out of​ filing your returns.
Recommended by,​ sia tax site dedicated to​ helping investors file their taxes correctly,​ offering a​ Tax Help Center and guidance when dealing with Roth IRAs,​ capital gains,​ and financing for college.
Although not affiliated with,​ this site suggests online taxx programs you​ can use for filing your return; info about extensions,​ deductions,​ and refunds; and Hot Topics,​ such as​ Tax Scams.
MSN Money
MSN Money's Tax Estimator hepls you​ prepare to​ file this year's taxes with information about tax law changes .​
a​ tax terms glossary helps you​ decide what forms you​ need to​ file,​ and tax attorney Jeff Schnepper answers questions you​ post in​ the​ Tax Corner message board.
A directory of​ tax and accounting websites,​ provides links for state tax agencies,​ legal information,​ organizations,​ and governmment sites for each state.
United States Tax Court
The U.S .​
Tax Court lets you​ dispute tax-related offenses .​
This site describes the​ process the​ court uses,​ presents FAQs about what's involved when a​ case goes to​ tax court,​ and gives contact information for court offices and judges.
Yahoo! Taxes
The giant search engine's Taxes page includes Tax Tips,​ a​ Tax Guide For Investors,​ Tax Education,​ and resources that can help users find an​ accountant or​ talk with others on​ the​ Yahoo! message board.
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