Tips Before Buying A Turnkey Online Business

You need to​ be careful browsing through online turnkey offers to​ avoid serious financial loss. Everyone has at​ least one horror story involving online scams,​ and some are more personal because they were a​ victim. Once I receive my check for $14,​000,​000 from Nairobi I can retire from writing advice for small business owners and designing web sites. Wish me luck!

Consider the​ line from the​ movie "Field of​ Dreams" saying "If you​ build it,​ they will come". This does not apply to​ websites. Online,​ the​ P.T. Barnum adage "There's a​ sucker born every minute" is​ too often the​ case when it​ comes to​ purchasing a​ turnkey online business. Think before you​ hand off your hard earned cash. you​ could become victim of​ an​ online scam.

In the​ real world,​ individuals with novice internet skills are becoming victims every day. an​ honest person is​ more apt to​ believe what they read online because it's in​ their character to​ trust things in​ writing. Stories of​ instant wealth with turnkey websites help perpetuate the​ elusive dream,​ especially when the​ reader has little or​ no business experience. Let's examine a​ true case involving one of​ my clients,​ and the​ extreme nature of​ what can happen.

Imagine this single Mom,​ struggling to​ make ends meet while living off the​ proceeds of​ a​ real estate sale,​ and she encounters a​ variety of​ online ads filled with exaggeration and promising the​ opportunity of​ a​ lifetime. Over time,​ and before meeting me,​ she purchased 7 prepackaged web sites for a​ variety of​ online products and services thinking that money would roll in​ automatically. to​ put her online marketing in​ perspective,​ only recently she grew more comfortable sending and receiving email.

Her total cost for 7 sites exceeded $10,​000 two years ago with zero profit to​ date. Most of​ the​ sites were cookie cutter turnkey subdomains with insignificant search engine ranking. in​ general,​ the​ top level domains were poorly coded with grade school level graphics,​ so each of​ her sites had serious problems with credibility.

When questioned about the​ lack of​ sales,​ most of​ her sources replied blaming her for the​ poor performance because she wasn't promoting and marketing the​ site. Any person with bare email skills,​ no previous online marketing,​ and ruthless predators taking advantage of​ novice online entrepreneurs,​ all adds up to​ disaster. the​ ones selling advice about how to​ make money are often the​ only ones making money. Read on​ about how truly outrageous this situation became.

To get started,​ one company required payment of​ $2500 by EFT to​ transfer funds immediately from her bank account to​ theirs. One year later,​ they renewed her site without any prior notice,​ and withdrew $2500 again. Believe it. I know because by this time I was contacted to​ create a​ super site as​ a​ portal page to​ introduce the​ other 7,​ and she asked for advice on​ how to​ handle the​ $2500 withdrawal.

Here are some tips to​ help you​ avoid online scams when considering an​ online turnkey website.

1. Look at​ the​ web site and reflect on​ your first impression objectively. Your visitors will decide within 5 seconds if​ your product or​ service is​ credible and worthwhile. if​ your reaction viewing the​ parent site is​ not favorable,​ move on.

2. if​ you​ decide to​ review their web site further,​ look for signs of​ exaggeration. Pages overloaded with adjectives claiming or​ exclaiming success may be overselling in​ an​ attempt to​ convince you​ that you'll be the​ next millionaire.

3. Next,​ do the​ owners or​ managers of​ the​ online opportunity give their real names,​ physical address,​ and phone numbers? if​ all you​ find is​ a​ postal box address and nothing to​ identify who's taking your money,​ don't do it.

4. Never consider buying an​ online business unless you​ personally have the​ experience to​ market and grow the​ product or​ service. Very few people make it​ rich quickly without effort and a​ considerable commitment of​ time and energy.

5. Don't believe ads that offer something too good to​ be true. Avoid the​ pressure to​ act now. There is​ no urgency handing over your life savings until you​ perform some basic research.

6. Check for comments from satisfied customers. Testimonials from unhappy buyers are never published,​ so save your energy and skip over those unless you're in​ the​ mood for some entertainment,​ and enjoy reading fiction.

7. Join a​ forum to​ get advice and feedback from other honest people like you. Search Google for "online business marketing forums" and visit several to​ see reviews of​ online opportunities from other users.

8. if​ you​ are going to​ distribute a​ product,​ think twice if​ the​ site requires you​ to​ pay in​ advance for inventory,​ offers a​ bonus if​ you​ sign up more distributors,​ or​ has ANY advance fee requirements.

Keep an​ open mind as​ you​ review different concepts,​ and think twice before you​ believe what you​ read online. Another downside to​ a​ turnkey website is​ you​ own a​ site that is​ most likely a​ clone to​ 100's or​ perhaps 1000's of​ pages covering the​ same product or​ service. Making a​ positive first impression includes being unique. in​ most cases the​ turnkey site is​ a​ fixed design,​ so you​ probably have zero influence on​ the​ look,​ and no chance of​ revising the​ content.

In summary,​ caution and research will be the​ key to​ avoid being victimized. Shortcuts to​ wealth are rare. Real success in​ any online business requires long hours and hard work. the​ turnkey website for an​ online business may look too good to​ be true. it​ probably is. Your success depends on​ having a​ popular product or​ service that people need,​ presenting your offers on​ a​ credible and attractive site,​ and finally getting traffic to​ your web pages to​ make the​ sale. it​ is​ not easy. it​ can be done.
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