Three Reasons Why You Won T Succeed In Network Marketing Online

I see all over the​ Internet people claiming to​ make tons of​ money from the​ latest network marketing or​ MLM program. All of​ these income claims are usually outrageous and often make you​ your emotions run wild as​ you​ reach for your credit card to​ quickly sign up with the​ latest program that will guarantee your retirement. So how are there a​ select few online who can profit,​ while a​ majority will never succeed?

I personally believe that it​ is​ not possible for the​ newbie Internet user to​ make money in​ network marketing or​ MLM online and I have listed some of​ the​ main reasons below.

I. you​ do not have a​ network of​ people to​ make you​ money

Another name for network marketing is​ MLM or​ "Multi-Level Marketing". if​ you​ want to​ succeed in​ a​ network marketing program it​ is​ all about the​ size of​ your network. So what is​ a​ network? It's an​ solid set of​ contacts who know you​ and trust you. a​ more common term for networks on​ the​ internet is​ "a list". a​ list is​ a​ group of​ people sometimes thousands of​ them who have chosen or​ opted-in to​ receive a​ newsletter or​ e-mail from the​ list owner.

All of​ the​ major distributors in​ network marketing have a​ huge list. When they find a​ new MLM program to​ join,​ they send an​ email to​ their list promoting it​ and you​ guessed it...their downline grows virtually overnight. Then they can sit back and count their money as​ their downline promotes for them and does all the​ work.

II. you​ are unknown

Don't think that being a​ unknown counts with all the​ millions of​ Internet users. in​ the​ world of​ network marketing being a​ well known marketer has a​ huge advantage.

If you​ build trust with people they are more likely to​ follow you. as​ I mentioned before,​ the​ top network marketers have a​ huge mailing list that trusts them and is​ therefore willing to​ sign up to​ almost any program that they promote. It's no different to​ a​ top celebrity coming on​ your TV and telling you​ to​ buy a​ certain brand or​ product. Familiarity builds trust online.

This can also work the​ other way around. When you're a​ well-known Internet marketing guru,​ people notice you,​ including the​ big network marketing distributors. They know that you​ have good recruiting power so they want you​ in​ their downline to​ build their organization as​ quickly as​ possible. However,​ if​ you're just a​ little fish in​ the​ Internet marketing pond then you'll never hear about the​ new network marketing programs until it's too late.

III. you​ will not hear about the​ new network marketing program until it's too late

The keys to​ success in​ network marketing or​ MLM is​ having a​ huge downline that will do the​ work for you. That means that you​ need a​ downline of​ experienced and dedicated network marketers. All the​ good network marketers already know about the​ program and have already signed up or​ dismissed it​ as​ unviable. They were probably on​ the​ mailing list of​ a​ big network marketing player and heard about it​ right after it​ was launched.

Who will be left for you​ to​ build your network? Not many people. Most people you​ approach will already have heard about the​ program and might even already be in​ it​ or​ might just be sick of​ hearing about it. you​ might be lucky enough to​ sign-up a​ few people who weren't aware of​ it​ before. Unfortunately,​ those people are very unlikely to​ bring in​ lots of​ new recruits for your downline. in​ fact,​ the​ money they bring in​ will barely cover your own monthly fees. Eventually they'll become fed up and quit. Leaving you​ desperately trying to​ sign someone new up so you​ can cover your monthly dues.

So,​ as​ you​ can see,​ network marketing programs are best avoided when you're new to​ Internet marketing. you​ can put those dreams of​ signing up to​ a​ network marketing program or​ MLM and making huge amounts of​ money every month right out of​ your mind.

As an​ experienced Internet marketer you​ need to​ forget about all of​ the​ "get rich quick" and "early retirement" scams online and concentrate on​ building a​ slow and steady residual income and "get rich slow". it​ is​ a​ reality,​ and you​ can start with absolutely nothing!
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