Things I Did Before I Started My Online Business

Why did I start an​ online home-based business? of​ course,​ I decided to​ do that after reading about others doing it​ and they not only make a​ lot of​ money from their business and gain their financial freedom,​ but also they achieve their time freedom. They can do whatever and whenever they want. I want to​ lead that kind of​ lifestyle that I used to​ dream about ( I'm sure most people do).

So I decided to​ change my life and felt so crazy about starting my own online home-based business that I told everyone about my intention ( to​ start an​ online home based business). However,​ rather than getting a​ 'green light' for that decision,​ what I received was a​ whole lot of​ negative remarks saying that 'it won't work' and 'you will be caught in​ a​ scam'. However,​ I remained strong and started to​ look for information in​ the​ internet. I checked out all the​ affiliate marketing sites,​ newsletters and forums. I looked for e-books about internet business by searching for keywords like 'proven internet business',​ 'automated income streams',​ 'internet marketing' and so on. There are so much information on​ different types of​ online business opportunities. All provide a​ guaranteed successful income (a six figure monthly income,​ mind you),​ and ask to​ join them and follow in​ their footsteps.

At this point,​ I thought that the​ first words were going to​ be true,​ that I will be scammed and I felt the​ need of​ a​ mentor or​ teacher who has already been there and done that,​ and is​ able to​ guide me to​ succeed. While searching the​ internet one day,​ I found a​ free e-book called the​ Dotcomology,​ written by the​ Home Biz guy. I studied that e-book and finally signed up through the​ pluginprofit site. After that,​ it​ was all history. Now,​ I have a​ website to​ promote my online opportunities. Also,​ the​ system provides full guidance to​ start my online home-based business.By having my own website with my own domain name and hosting account,​ my website looks professional and gives a​ good impression to​ my subscribers. as​ compared to​ a​ free server website which nobody likes to​ visit.

Therefore,​ making a​ research before I actually started my internet business has really paid off. I managed to​ avoid the​ mistakes made by most internet business starters who jump into any online business and subject themselves to​ scams.

So,​ after all this while,​ I am left to​ ask myself " What if​ I have started sooner?" After all,​ having my own internet home-based business gives me some advantages as​ to​ working for a​ company boss. I do not have to​ spend the​ time commuting to​ office which can be gruesome during the​ peak hours. i can now choose my own time and dresscode even if​ that means in​ my pyjamas the​ whole day.By spending more time in​ my online business,​ it​ makes more profits and increase s my earnings. an​ internet business does not require a​ large capital as​ compared to​ owning a​ traditional shop. Owning a​ website allows me to​ run my business 24/7. This will not stop even though I'm enjoying my vacation in​ some remote places. Everyday,​ my online business gets exposed to​ a​ growing market as​ more and more people are exposed to​ the​ internet. And of​ course,​ the​ most important reason for me to​ start my internet business is​ I can have my weekends off as​ no boss will tell me to​ come and work over the​ weekend again.
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