The Truth About Cash Gifting And Taxation

The Truth about Cash Gifting and Taxation
Make no mistake: cash gifting is​ 100% legal in​ the​ United States and Canada .​
There has never been a​ law passed that prohibits us as​ individuals from sharing our assets,​ belongings or​ cash .​
It is​ a​ misconception to​ believe otherwise – a​ misconception that can keep you​ in​ the​ poorhouse .​
From the​ beginning of​ time,​ people have helped other people .​
Everybody needs help sometimes .​
Gifting programs allow the​ receivers to​ obtain proper housing,​ start businesses and even send their children to​ college.
Cash gifting systems that are based on​ honesty and integrity use what is​ known as​ the​ EZ1Up program .​
in​ a​ nutshell,​ this means that you​ give first and then receive .​
Of course,​ the​ beauty of​ it​ is​ that with proper promotion you​ receive far more than you​ ever gave initially .​
you​ recoup your investment rapidly – and many times over!
The United States IRS Tax Code,​ Section 26 defines explicitly the​ taxation responsibilities that apply to​ cash gifting programs .​
in​ essence,​ you​ can receive up to​ $11,​000 from any number of​ individuals without any taxation implications .​
in​ excess of​ $11,​000,​ you​ are required to​ report the​ monies received as​ income and pay a​ regular income tax on​ them .​
It is​ always advisable to​ keep a​ close record of​ monies received from cash gifting programs .​
They can build up very quickly .​
Pay your taxes on​ time and diligently and there will be no problems - ever.
Cash gifting is​ hugely popular now days .​
There are no bogus products to​ buy or​ sell like with MLM programs .​
Those who have been in​ MLM programs can finally offer their downlines something that they can actually make money on​ .​
EZ1Up programs eliminate all of​ the​ hype and nonsense that you​ find with all MLM programs .​
you​ give and then you​ receive – it’s that simple.
Stop wasting your time promoting programs that force you​ into monthly dues and the​ promotion of​ bogus products while simultaneously disallowing you​ from making any real money .​
Explore the​ realm of​ cash gifting programs today .​
With the​ EZ1Up platform,​ there is​ no chance of​ being cheated .​
There are constantly monitored databases that ensure a​ level playing field for all .​
No more are the​ people at​ the​ top of​ the​ ladder the​ only ones to​ benefit .​
Everybody is​ equal in​ a​ cash gifting program.
Gifting programs are comprised of​ private groups of​ like-minded individuals .​
They are people that value the​ timeless tradition of​ generosity .​
They feel good about helping those less fortunate than them .​
They feel even better when others help them back .​
It’s a​ Win-Win situation for all .​
It is​ 100% legal .​
And as​ long as​ you​ pay your taxes,​ there is​ only benefit to​ be gained .​
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