The Real Truth About MLM And Network Marketing

Let me tell you​ the​ truth about MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and network marketing-- most people who get involved in​ the​ business fail at​ it. the​ common figures tossed about on​ the​ Internet these days say that 95% of​ the​ people involved in​ MLM fail. I will argue that figure later,​ but for now,​ let’s just say maybe 9 out of​ every 10 people in​ network marketing will fail.

There are many reasons people fail in​ MLM. They may have gotten involved in​ a​ bad company with a​ poor compensation plan. the​ products may not be top quality or​ anything special,​ so there is​ no demand for them. They may have received little training,​ poor training,​ or​ even no training at​ all. They might have been abandoned by their sponsor. They may have had the​ wrong expectations-- thinking that the​ money will come pouring in​ without any effort on​ their part. But the​ biggest reason for MLM and network marketing failure is​ giving up!

On the​ other hand,​ compare this to​ traditional entrepreneurship,​ which has its problems,​ too. I am a​ college business professor,​ and I’ve had traditional businesses of​ my own,​ so I know the​ odd of​ success in​ starting up a​ traditional business are that 9 out of​ 10 new business will fail the​ first year. And then there is​ another 4 in​ 5 chance that those businesses who survived the​ first year will fail to​ make it​ to​ the​ fifth year.

Wow,​ when you​ consider the​ amount of​ money spent and/or borrowed to​ get those businesses running,​ that’s pretty scary! Add to​ that the​ time involved in​ running a​ small business. Often people put in​ 60+ hours a​ week,​ for less income than a​ job would give them. I’ve often seen dreamers who started their own traditional business find themselves crashing and burning with reality as​ they lost their credit,​ their homes,​ and in​ some cases marriages and families. Ouch!

I believe in​ entrepreneurship! I believe in​ the​ dream of​ having your own business-- no boss,​ no time card. Freedom to​ set your own hours,​ work where you​ want,​ live where you​ want,​ spend time with your family,​ travel and take time off whenever you​ want. Freedom. That’s what its all about! And it’s not traditional business that brings this freedom,​ it’s network marketing.

I’ll take the​ odds in​ MLM and network marketing any day! I’ll tell you​ why. if​ the​ 95% failure figure is​ correct,​ then it’s including all the​ people who just sign up to​ try the​ product,​ or​ decide for whatever reason they don’t want to​ work the​ business.

The truth is,​ for those who really want to​ work at​ this business,​ 95% of​ all people who stay with their network marketing company for 10 years will reach the​ highest level of​ their company’s compensation plan,​ which is​ usually at​ least $500,​000 annually. And the​ income needed to​ start and run a​ network marketing business is​ nominal compared to​ a​ traditional business!

I’ll take those odds any day! you​ see,​ all you​ need to​ do is:

1) Find the​ best network marketing company you​ can.
2) Commit to​ learning and working your business.
3) And don’t quit.

Success in​ MLM and network marketing is​ a​ choice. Choose to​ do it!

I can do that. How about you?

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