The Rarely Told Truth About Network Marketing

The rarely told truth about network marketing
Today I​ am going to​ talk about something that seems to​ be one of​ those things that people either love or​ hate .​
What I​ am talking about is​ network marketing,​ also called mlm or​ multi-level marketing .​
Right from the​ beginning I​ will say that there is​ no need to​ have extreme views about this,​ it​ is​ simply a​ business model that you​ can use if​ you​ wish.
However,​ it​ is​ crucial that you​ understand HOW the​ business model of​ network marketing works.
I think there are basically two reasons that some people seem to​ be almost electrocuted,​ simply by hearing someone mention the​ word network marketing .​
Either they have tried it​ themselves,​ and because they didn't have a​ clue on​ how to​ do it​ they failed miserably .​
Or they belong to​ the​ group of​ people who can't get the​ idea that mlm = pyramid scheme out of​ their heads.
This second misconception is​ easy to​ debunk .​
Pyramid schemes are illegal almost everywhere,​ do you​ really think large multinational companies could operate year after year on​ an​ entirely illegal basis?
Secondly,​ this view on​ network marketing shows that the​ speaker is​ ignorant .​
He or​ she hasn't done an​ ounce of​ homework on​ the​ various businesses that are available to​ each of​ us today,​ and they are ignorant of​ the​ industry itself.
This means they aren't serious .​
It means they would like to​ make more money,​ but have no intention of​ making it​ happen .​
They continually look for home businesses,​ which is​ enough to​ satisfy their minds that they did everything they could,​ but everything they find out there is​ flawed and are scams .​
They are looking to​ buy hope,​ not a​ business.
There is​ a​ Chinese saying that goes something like this:If you​ spend too much time thinking about your next step,​ you​ will be standing on​ one leg for the​ rest of​ your life .​
Yes,​ there ARE scams out there,​ but mlm is​ not a​ dirty word and it​ is​ not a​ synonym for scam .​
Get over it!
BREAKING NEWS! Corporate America a​ Pyramid Scam?
As for the​ comparison to​ a​ pyramid in​ general - think of​ any company that comes to​ mind .​
The company will probably have a​ CEO,​ president,​ vice presidents,​ middle management,​ a​ sales force,​ and hourly employees.
It goes without saying that the​ guy at​ the​ top,​ the​ CEO,​ is​ going to​ make the​ most money,​ and the​ compensations continue to​ decrease down the​ ladder which starts at​ his cushy leather chair .​
The only way to​ get paid more and move up the​ ladder is​ to​ boot someone else out of​ their spot - and this is​ what people call okay and normal!
Not to​ mention the​ fact that the​ corporate slave masters seem to​ have no problem with working people to​ the​ limits...and then kicking them out the​ door before any of​ the​ benefits kick in​ .​
(As always there are some exceptions,​ of​ course) .​
How is​ this any less pyramid than network marketing? All people in​ the​ company work hard,​ but ONLY those at​ the​ very top has permission to​ make a​ lot of​ money.
Now,​ in​ network marketing the​ basic idea is​ that it​ will be of​ great benefit to​ everyone involved to​ help people who are new reach the​ top .​
In fact the​ whole business idea hinges on​ this idea - the​ only way to​ become really successful in​ the​ long term is​ to​ help others .​
Of course there will always be a​ mathematical limit to​ how large a​ network can become,​ but with todays global marketplace,​ and a​ suitable compensation plan,​ there is​ usually plenty of​ room for everybody.
A network marketing company can diversify and find new markets,​ just like all companies have to.
But what about the​ miserable statistics of​ network marketing,​ the​ over 90% drop-out rate etc.?
This is​ mainly caused by the​ simple fact that not that many people know how to​ do network marketing correctly .​
And I​ must admit that some network marketing companies are responsible for this themselves,​ by providing useless ideas like making a​ 100 list etc.
You see,​ this is​ a​ somewhat unique industry .​
Most people don't realize that network marketing is​ a​ business of​ marketing and promotion pursued by people who have NO IDEA how to​ market and promote.
Read the​ above paragraph once more and let it​ sink in...
If you​ are going to​ be involved in​ network marketing you​ need to​ develop both the​ right mind set and acquire the​ right knowledge (no,​ they usually don't teach this in​ college).
You must learn that when you​ do this business right:
* you​ don't have to​ sell
* you​ don't have to​ ask people to​ join your business. .​
They ask you!
* you​ don't have to​ post work at​ home flyers!
* People will PAY you​ to​ prospect them
You should learn that this is​ not at​ all about the​ Vitamins or​ whatever product your company is​ selling .​
In fact,​ this is​ one of​ the​ single biggest mistakes people make in​ network marketing.
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