The Pros And Cons Of An Online Business Degree Program

After struggling through five years of​ college,​ I proudly graduated with not only my B.A. degree,​ but also a​ 20/20 hindsight reflection as​ to​ what was successful for me and what was distracting. Not surprisingly,​ the​ distractions also happened to​ be some of​ my favorite things about the​ college years. Living in​ the​ sorority house,​ staying out too late,​ the​ fact that work interfered with my class schedule,​ and just an​ overall struggle with balancing my daily academic responsibilities with what I really wanted to​ spend my time doing.

What I have concluded now that all is​ said and done? I should have switched from my traditional college setting to​ an​ online business degree program. My personality and lifestyle,​ like many others,​ respond much more positively to​ online independent study and there are quite a​ few reasons as​ to​ why.

While I was in​ college,​ I started to​ really pay attention to​ the​ TV commercials for higher education,​ dismissing my previous judgments that they were geared solely toward down & outers and deadbeats. Now suddenly it​ looked appealing. College wasn’t right for me. I had married my high school sweetheart and working full time was a​ necessity for both of​ us. I couldn’t just skip out on​ the​ weekly board meeting to​ go hang out in​ Accounting 101. Could an​ online business degree program be a​ reality? is​ there a​ catch to​ it? Do employers really respect it​ as​ much as​ a​ regular,​ hard earned degree? Yes and no.

First of​ all,​ realize that while it​ is​ not regular,​ it​ is​ hard earned. Online degrees require a​ tremendous amount of​ discipline,​ since there is​ no professor in​ front of​ you​ on​ a​ daily basis,​ providing tutoring sessions and guidance on​ that upcoming assignment. Online degree candidates must be disciplined enough to​ carve out their own time for their education. it​ is​ not an​ easy fix. it​ is​ a​ lot of​ work.

Another downer to​ the​ online programs is​ that it​ comes with a​ pretty threatening price tag. Many colleges and universities made a​ huge investment in​ the​ birth of​ online degree programs. Because the​ majority of​ students still enroll in​ traditional desk time courses,​ colleges have but no choice to​ hike up online tuition enough to​ justify the​ program and make it​ profitable.

Of course,​ the​ price depends on​ the​ school that you​ are looking into enrolling,​ and many people will assure you​ that it​ is​ still a​ great idea. I can’t go to​ graduate school,​ and I don’t agree with the​ philosophy that when “life slows down” I can jump back into the​ academia life. Circumstances often change,​ but rarely slow down,​ and I am constantly battling my ambition and drive to​ accomplish all that I plan to​ at​ a​ young age.

With this being said,​ the​ online business program may or​ may not be for you. Look into financial aid,​ explore the​ sites,​ and make a​ decision that fits your lifestyle. if​ you​ are like me,​ then it​ just may work out. if​ you​ are the​ opposite,​ then it​ may be more worth your while to​ enroll in​ a​ traditional program. Either way,​ the​ educational system will embrace you,​ and thankfully so will employers. Recent studies show that an​ online business degree program is​ quickly enjoying more solid of​ a​ reputation and commanding more respect from hiring companies. in​ the​ next few years,​ the​ college experience and the​ “college experience” will be regarded as​ equals.

Don’t let the​ social stigmas of​ online degrees,​ or​ the​ hard work that is​ required scare you​ into making your decision. Rather be sure to​ explore and research the​ pros and cons as​ related to​ your own life. Pursue success,​ and in​ time success will surely come to​ you.
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