The Product Life Cycle Of Network Marketing The Four Stages Of Building A Downline

The Product Life Cycle of​ Network Marketing: the​ Four Stages of​ Building a​ Downline
Most products,​ whether they are tangible goods or​ intangible services,​ go through predictable stages during their natural life .​
This is​ usually referred to,​ in​ marketing circles,​ as​ the​ Product Life Cycle .​
These stages are (1) Product Development,​ (2) Introduction,​ (3) Growth,​ (4) Maturity,​ and (5) Decline.
Your network marketing business will behave in​ a​ similar fashion,​ that is,​ it​ will go through various stages as​ you​ work toward achieving your financial goals .​
Since I’d like to​ take a​ positive view,​ I​ won’t consider the​ possibility of​ Decline .​
Instead,​ I​ offer four stages that your downline will go through as​ you​ build it​ for success,​ what I​ call the​ Product Life Cycle of​ Network Marketing: (1) Introduction,​ (2) Development,​ (3) Growth,​ and (4) Maturity.
1) Introduction .​
This first stage is​ when you​ are new to​ the​ business and have not yet developed the​ skill set needed to​ be successful in​ MLM .​
You may not have developed the​ intestinal fortitude needed to​ get beyond some initial setbacks .​
If you​ have not been involved in​ a​ network marketing program before,​ you’re probably making mistakes and,​ hopefully,​ realizing you​ have a​ lot to​ learn .​
You also need to​ beware of​ those well-meaning people who will tell you​ that you​ won’t succeed,​ particularly family,​ friends,​ and co-workers.
During Introduction,​ you’re trying to​ develop a​ track record of​ success that you​ can fall back on​ when you​ encounter some resistance .​
a​ lot of​ new networkers quit because they listen to​ all the​ naysayers instead of​ keeping that burning desire to​ move through the​ hard times and stay on​ course .​
If your sponsor hasn’t worked with you​ to​ arm you​ for success,​ then it’s up to​ you​ to​ arm yourself .​
Listen to​ the​ advice of​ some of​ the​ giants in​ this industry – David Butler,​ Jim Rohn,​ Bob Schmidt,​ Sherman Unkefer,​ to​ name a​ few .​
They’ll teach you​ the​ skills you​ need so you’ll have the​ confidence to​ push forward.
2) Development .​
Congratulations .​
You’ve gotten past the​ first stage and are building a​ downline .​
Now,​ be a​ good sponsor by showing your downline how to​ be successful .​
Here your goal is​ to​ help them recruit their downline .​
If you’ve done it​ right,​ you​ should begin to​ see the​ business builders emerge .​
Hopefully,​ you’ve got a​ few who share your vision,​ and you​ can begin working with them consistently to​ build momentum.
In the​ Development stage,​ you​ should see people entering your downline that you​ do not know .​
This is​ your personally sponsored distributors bringing in​ THEIR personally sponsored distributors .​
Now is​ the​ time to​ make sure your people are teaching their people how to​ be successful,​ i.e .​
that they,​ too,​ are being good sponsors .​
At this point,​ you​ should get the​ feeling that the​ business is​ starting to​ take shape,​ that it​ has a​ chance to​ grow on​ its own.
You must guard against complacency,​ however .​
This is​ the​ most important time because you​ need to​ build an​ organization that can grow on​ its own .​
The vast majority of​ people who exit network marketing do so during the​ first two stages,​ so don’t quit on​ your downline .​
Keep working with your builders so that they don’t leave the​ business.
3) Growth .​
In this stage,​ your checks should start looking a​ lot bigger .​
Your builders are growing their downline,​ and you​ may have several successful legs emerging .​
You may have hundreds,​ or​ even thousands,​ of​ distributors in​ your downline,​ and your business builders are also earning bigger paychecks.
Congratulations,​ again .​
If you’re in​ this stage,​ you’ve shown that you​ have the​ ability to​ teach business builders how to​ recruit and develop business builders of​ their own,​ and the​ downline has definitely taken on​ a​ life of​ its own .​
You’re feeling pretty good about yourself,​ and you​ have every right to.
Here again,​ however,​ you​ must guard against complacency .​
You can make a​ good living in​ the​ growth stage but you’re not home free yet .​
You’ve got to​ push forward to​ the​ next stage if​ you​ really want to​ create wealth.
4) Maturity .​
Your organization has reached Maturity when you​ no longer have to​ shepherd its growth .​
In other words,​ no matter what you​ do,​ you​ can’t stop it​ from growing .​
It has taken on​ a​ life of​ its own,​ and even if​ you​ were to​ walk away from active involvement in​ the​ business,​ you​ can depend on​ a​ steady stream of​ passive residual income for the​ rest of​ your life .​
Isn’t that why you​ got into this business in​ the​ first place?
Reaching Maturity is​ rare .​
Many downlines get close to​ this stage,​ but fail because the​ leader quit too soon .​
Remember,​ if​ you​ do not nurture your downline,​ if​ you​ do not give them a​ track to​ run on,​ if​ you​ do not build their confidence and arm them for success,​ you​ will not reach the​ Maturity stage .​
Rather,​ your organization will probably fizzle out somewhere between the​ Development and Growth stages,​ and reaching the​ Maturity stage will be nothing more than a​ pipe dream.

Make it​ your goal to​ have your downline reach all four stages .​
When your personally sponsored distributors believe they’ve reached the​ Maturity stage,​ then you​ can feel confident that you’ve reached that stage .​
Otherwise,​ your organization may never reach its full potential.
To your success!
Bruce Bailey,​ Ph.D.
The Product Life Cycle Of Network Marketing The Four Stages Of Building A Downline The Product Life Cycle Of Network Marketing The Four Stages Of Building
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