The Principles On Paying Tax

The Principles on​ Paying Tax
Why Tax Loop Holes Must Exist
A long long time a​ go,​ in​ a​ country far far away,​ in​ China to​ be exact,​ there was a​ hunter that put nets in​ 4 sides of​ the​ forest .​
The hunter wanted to​ catch all animals .​
Then a​ king passed by .​
He said,​ Remove the​ nets in​ the​ 3 sides of​ the​ forest .​
Let the​ animals go wherever they want .​
Let only those who do not follow Tao end up in​ your net.
Not so long ago,​ a​ bunch of​ liberals say,​ Let’s tax all the​ income .​
Block all loop holes .​
Ensure that no body can get away from our cruel net tax .​
Punish the​ productive.
Then a​ wise man among them quickly point out .​
If we close all loop holes,​ the​ best and brightest will be forced to​ destroy the​ net .​
Let them have the​ loopholes .​
Let the​ best and brightest among them free .​
When they know they can be free,​ they don’t bother destroying our net .​
They’ll simply avoid our net .​
Let those who are so blinded with unfair morality and do not follow Tao end up paying tax.
And that’s why you​ pay tax,​ while the​ rich pay lawyers and politicians.
Got it? in​ fact,​ the​ super rich,​ don’t only pay tax,​ they actually receive tax payment .​
Rich landlord farmers,​ for example,​ get a​ lot of​ blue collar workers paycheck in​ the​ form of​ farming subsidy that only benefits land owning farmers.
Governments simply use tax money to​ help businesses that they prefer based on​ family value .​
So a​ business with the​ governors’ or​ presidents’ relatives as​ the​ director will be more likely to​ get lucrative contracts paid with your tax money,​ the​ way most poor and middle class ask for.
Two Things you​ Need to​ Know to​ Reduce Your Tax
The very first business class that I​ took in​ US was,​ How to​ run an​ efficient business .​
No .​
How to​ improve productivity .​
No .​
How do we pay our workers higher,​ make the​ world a​ better place,​ and still make money .​
No .​
My very first business class taught me how to​ avoid paying income tax.
Oh ya a​ word of​ warning .​
Things are not as​ simple as​ it​ seems .​
You need to​ consult lawyers before trying all these stunts.
You see .​
What is​ income? the​ formal standard definition of​ income is​ the​ amount of​ money you​ spent plus the​ increase of​ your capability to​ spend .​
For example,​ say you​ work in​ the​ office .​
Say you​ get $50,​000 pay check .​
Say you​ spend $20,​000 and save $30,​000 .​
What’s your income? the​ sum of​ $20,​000 and $30,​000 = $50,​000 .​
What about if​ you​ spend $1 and save $49,​999? What’s your income? $1 plus $49,​999=$50,​000 .​
Right Nelly?
So no matter how you​ spend your money your incomes remain the​ same .​
Governments make that easy for you​ .​
They help your self pay your tax before you​ even see the​ money .​
Isn’t that convenient?
Now,​ the​ entrepreneurs also have the​ same definition of​ income .​
However,​ they have 2 important deductions.
1 .​
Money you​ haven’t spent is​ not income yet .​
So we don’t pay tax on​ that .​
The tax is​ deferred till we spend it.
2 .​
Money we do spend is​ expenditure .​
So it’s deductible from our income.
Now,​ that sounds fair isn’t it? It is​ .​
I'll show some samples and explain it​ in​ more detail in​ my website
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