The Power Of Faith In Your Online Business

How many millions of​ websites are there on​ the​ Internet? Who knows? But,​ one thing that is​ for certain is​ that behind every domain is​ a​ man,​ woman or​ company looking to​ meet its own financial goals.

The trick of​ an​ article title like this one is​ that by using the​ word "faith" in​ the​ title,​ many people will automatically assume that it​ is​ an​ article about religion. Having said that,​ it​ is​ important to​ note that this article is​ NOT about religion.

This article is​ actually about "faith,​" which is​ entirely separate from religion.

Do you​ have faith in​ your children that they will always do the​ right thing? This kind of​ "faith" is​ an​ "absolute belief" in​ the​ character and integrity of​ your children. And that my friend is​ different from a​ "religious belief."

Do you​ have faith that the​ sun will arise in​ the​ East tomorrow morning? This kind of​ "faith" is​ an​ "absolute belief" in​ the​ processes of​ nature.

The Power of​ the​ Sun in​ Teaching Faith

I am not talking about "faith" in​ the​ Egyptian sun god Ra or​ the​ Greek sun god Apollo. Like I told you​ before,​ this is​ not an​ article about religion. Instead,​ this article is​ about faith and understanding the​ principles of​ faith.

Consider for a​ moment how you​ think about the​ sun. When you​ go to​ bed each night,​ you​ know beyond a​ shadow of​ a​ doubt that the​ sun will rise the​ next day. you​ know that if​ it​ is​ dark outside,​ it​ is​ only a​ matter of​ hours before the​ sun's light fills your day.

Think about how much confidence you​ have in​ the​ idea of​ the​ sun rising tomorrow morning to​ light another day. Yes,​ clouds might hide the​ sun from our direct view,​ but those clouds cannot block all of​ the​ sun's light. Those clouds might darken our skies,​ but they cannot prevent the​ sun from rising.

If I had told you​ that the​ sun would not come up tomorrow morning,​ then you​ would have known me to​ be a​ fool.

So how is​ it​ that you​ could so confidently think of​ me as​ a​ fool,​ if​ I were to​ say the​ sun would not rise tomorrow morning?

For the​ sake of​ argument,​ dwell for just a​ moment on​ the​ absolute certainty that you​ have in​ your heart and mind that the​ sun will rise tomorrow morning.

The feeling you​ have right now is​ what it​ really means to​ have "faith."

An Unshakable Belief

As a​ child,​ I remember hearing stories about people who had that absolute faith that things would go their way. I heard one time about a​ preacher who had a​ faith beyond measure. Yes,​ I am talking about a​ preacher,​ but I am still not talking about religion.

The preacher had told his friends that he was going on​ a​ trip the​ following Friday. But,​ his friends also knew that he really did not have the​ money for such a​ trip,​ and they said as​ much to​ the​ preacher.

The preacher told them that the​ money he needed for his trip would be provided to​ him. Penniless and faithful,​ this man had a​ real faith,​ even an​ unbreakable certainty that his trip would become possible. For him,​ it​ was not a​ matter of​ "if" he could get the​ money for his trip; it​ was a​ matter of​ "he will have the​ money" in​ time for his trip.

On Thursday,​ the​ day before his scheduled trip,​ one of​ his friends asked him if​ he had gotten the​ money for his trip yet. the​ preacher dutifully said no,​ but assured his friend that he would have the​ money in​ time for his trip.

Sure enough,​ Friday morning came,​ and his friend produced enough money to​ ensure that the​ preacher's trip would go off without a​ hitch.

Cheating you​ Say?

The preacher's faith paid off for him and his planned trip. Sure,​ in​ this case the​ preacher's friend came through to​ reward the​ preacher's faith. And one might try to​ argue that it​ was not an​ act of​ "reliable" faith that produced that result.

But as​ I look around at​ people I know,​ I see the​ principle of​ faith at​ work in​ their lives.

Frequently I hear people tell me,​ "Clinton,​ this month we will see a​ 20% increase in​ sales." And then it​ comes to​ pass.

People tell me,​ "Clinton,​ my business will generate a​ quarter million in​ sales this year,​" and then it​ happens.

My mentors tell me that the​ first step to​ success is​ setting measurable goals and believing with an​ unshakeable faith that those outcomes will come to​ fruition.


For years,​ I had believed that this faith thing was just a​ bunch of​ poppycock. Then one day,​ I convinced myself that a​ particular goal was within my reach. Things had been going my way,​ so I decided that I would earn $500 per month online,​ to​ supplement my families tight financial resources.

My faith was unshakeable; I knew in​ that moment that I would make $500 that month and each month thereafter. And then it​ happened.

Yes,​ I was able to​ have an​ unbreakable belief in​ myself with my small goal,​ and then I was able to​ realize that small goal. Soon after,​ I promptly forgot about my newfound manifestation of​ faith.

Just like many other people,​ when I finally learned and manifested the​ principle of​ faith for the​ first time,​ I thanked chance for delivering the​ goods.

Realizing the​ Power of​ Faith in​ My Online Business

One day,​ I looked back and realized that chance may have not been in​ play to​ bring me my previous success. I considered the​ possibility that perhaps faith did have a​ role after all. So,​ I created a​ new goal. And then I built up my faith,​ practicing the​ belief that what I desired would come true. I set a​ goal to​ earn as​ much from my online business,​ as​ I did each week from my daytime job. Within the​ next few weeks,​ I built up my confidence level.

One day,​ the​ light just came on. I knew deep in​ my heart that my goal would be realized. in​ that moment,​ I realized within myself an​ unshakeable belief that I would reach my goal.

Within a​ few days,​ my online sales began to​ increase to​ a​ level that was required for me to​ manifest my stated goal.

The Human Condition

Unbreakable faith had delivered twice for me,​ and yet I let it​ pass another six months before I tried again. So soon we forget and return to​ a​ condition of​ disbelief.

My wife and I had been talking about taking a​ family vacation,​ but we really did not have the​ money to​ do so. Within just a​ few days,​ I realized that the​ power of​ faith could deliver a​ family vacation for my family,​ so I made a​ decision to​ earn $12,​000 to​ pay for a​ vacation to​ remember.

This time,​ I did not have to​ prepare myself to​ accept the​ faith that my desire would come true. I just decided in​ that instant that I would earn the​ money needed for our family getaway.

How did it​ work out?

Within the​ next seven days,​ my business earned $18,​000 in​ pure profit. it​ truly was a​ vacation of​ a​ lifetime for my family and I.

Remembering the​ Sunrise

When you​ learn to​ manifest the​ power of​ faith in​ your own life and your business,​ you​ also will reap the​ rewards of​ faith.

However you​ define your goals and success in​ your own life,​ they will come true,​ once you​ make the​ decision to​ believe with unwavering faith that your goals will become a​ reality.
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