The Online Business Starting Point

Most of​ the​ people who are interested in​ starting their own business and opt for online business,​ do not know where to​ start. There are many questions related to​ the​ starting point in​ online business. Such questions would be:

-Where do I start looking for an​ online business idea?
-Where do I start learning about marketing online business?
-Where do I start looking for online advertising media?

Then most people will go for the​ search engines and start typing in​ what they are looking for,​ hoping that they will find something that will suit them. There is​ nothing wrong with this methodology. the​ problem here is​ that in​ most cases people do not really know what they are looking for.

In this article we will try to​ give recommendations and guidelines on​ the​ things that a​ person should be looking for when searching for the​ online business opportunity he/she would be most relaxed with.

In a​ previous article titled "Choosing an​ Online Business is​ a​ Tricky Business" we categorized the​ different types of​ online businesses a​ person could be involved in. We will not repeat them but our advice is​ to​ begin with one particular type and then move to​ the​ other types when the​ person feels relaxed with the​ idea on​ online marketing.

If a​ person is​ totally new to​ the​ idea of​ online business he/she should start with an​ affiliate program. an​ affiliate program is​ one that allows you​ to​ sell other people's products and services in​ return for a​ commission. Yet a​ person should not be involved in​ just any affiliate program. There are special requirements that a​ person should be looking for in​ an​ affiliate program if​ he/she is​ still new to​ the​ idea of​ online marketing.

We will look list and explain each one of​ these suggested requirements:

1-Design and setup your own website: There are a​ lot of​ affiliate programs out there that give you​ an​ assigned web page that you​ can promote. Although it​ is​ a​ very good feature that saves you​ the​ hassle of​ building your own web pages,​ yet it​ is​ limited in​ the​ ways you​ will be able to​ market it​ as​ most online marketing media do not accept affiliate pages. Therefore,​ you​ will need an​ affiliate program that incorporates setting up and designing your own website; in​ addition to​ advising you​ on​ the​ hosting service provider you​ should get. "Your own website" means that you​ should own the​ domain name. I have written a​ complete article about the​ benefits of​ owning a​ website with comparative analysis with the​ option of​ not having your own website.

2- Provide a​ systematic training: Most affiliate programs provide you​ with what they call marketing tools. But if​ someone is​ new to​ the​ internet and to​ online marketing,​ then there is​ no way that he/she would be able to​ use those tools effectively. Therefore,​ the​ affiliate program that you​ should be looking for is​ one that has a​ systematic and detailed training that can take you​ by the​ hand to​ show you​ how to​ promote your business.

3-Systematic and not individualistic support: Most affiliate programs depend on​ the​ sponsor support for their team. This system is​ very weak. This means if​ the​ sponsor is​ away,​ ill,​ vacationing or​ for any reason cannot and would not answer the​ support questions,​ the​ sponsored team is​ lost and cannot proceed with their business. the​ affiliate program that you​ should be looking for must have the​ following support levels:

a.Sponsor Support
b.High traffic and high quality forum especially dedicated for the​ particular affiliate program you​ are thinking of​ promoting.
c.Help Desk

With this system a​ person might not even need a​ sponsor support.

I have heard many recommend having a​ mentor that will be able to​ teach all the​ ins and outs of​ online marketing. I completely agree with them,​ but would not include it​ in​ the​ above criteria. the​ above criteria are recommended so that a​ person can examine any affiliate program against. Thus,​ they will facilitate for anyone the​ decision making process for choosing an​ affiliate program to​ work with. Therefore,​ a​ mentor is​ not a​ must have in​ affiliate program for the​ newbie. Still,​ I would highly recommend searching for and getting a​ mentor,​ as​ a​ mentor can act in​ many dimensions especially on​ the​ motivational and technical aspects.
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