The Online Business Crucial Success Factor

In a​ marathon the​ physical factor for runners might be very comparable,​ but what could be the​ main differentiator between those who get to​ the​ finish line and those who don't? And what would be the​ main differentiator between those who finish first and those who finish last? What makes a​ person push himself/herself to​ the​ maximum limits to​ achieve his/her targets?

Depending on​ the​ field,​ things like physical fitness and knowledge are pre-requisites of​ course,​ but endurance and patience are the​ common denominator that separates the​ winners from the​ quitters in​ any field.

From normal observations we realize that the​ level of​ endurance and patience to​ achieve self set targets differ between one person to​ another. So what is​ it​ that creates this difference? it​ is​ motivation and more importantly self motivation.

The engine that drives us to​ overcome obstacles and enhance our endurance and patience is​ how well we can motivate ourselves. We need to​ differentiate between external motivational factors and self motivation.

Results and achievements motivate most of​ us,​ but if​ failure and slow or​ no improvements are happening,​ the​ only source of​ motivation available is​ within ourselves.

Online business is​ an​ industry that requires a​ huge amount of​ self motivation. Self motivation is​ the​ sole driver for discipline,​ endurance and patience which are the​ success factors that differentiate the​ winners from the​ quitters.

This makes self motivation the​ most crucial success factor in​ online business as​ external motivators take time to​ materialize.

How can we fuel the​ self motivation engine to​ keep it​ running? There are numerous ways:

1- Set clear Targets: I know you​ have heard this a​ million times,​ but the​ reason we are mentioning it​ here is​ the​ following:

a. Clear targets are easily measured and accordingly you​ will see by time the​ small improvements you​ are making. Thus energizing your self motivation by this external factor.

b. When setting clear targets,​ you​ can easily divide them into targets to​ meet within smaller time intervals. Accordingly,​ you​ see closer results.

2- Keep remembering your initial driver: Keep reminding yourself why you​ got into online business in​ the​ first place. Keep implanting this driver into your head on​ daily basis.

3- When you​ completely lose hope and realize that online business is​ not for you,​ try to​ find other options that would satisfy the​ driver that made you​ start your online business. if​ you​ could not find other options you​ will realize that online business is​ your only option.

4- Do not talk about your online business with potentially skeptical people.

5- Pick an​ active forum and hang around there every now and then,​ not only because it​ is​ good for the​ business,​ but to​ keep you​ motivated by helping others and getting help from others. you​ can find ideas that you​ never thought of​ before and are easily implemented which will give a​ huge boost to​ your motivation.

6- Try to​ enjoy your online business and make money a​ secondary issue. By enjoying the​ work you​ will find the​ material factor accomplished without you​ noticing. if​ you​ keep stressing yourself out regarding the​ monetary achievements,​ each day in​ online business will seem like a​ whole year. This one is​ the​ most magical of​ all solutions.

Do not make your online business like any other job. This is​ your kingdom and you​ can create any working environment you​ desire. Therefore,​ create an​ environment that will keep you​ motivated all the​ time.
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