The New And Improved Nutrition Pyramid

The New and Improved Nutrition Pyramid
Just when you​ were getting the​ Nutrition Pyramid down to​ an exact science,​ the​ USDA goes and releases an all new nutrition and diet plan for healthy Americans. on​ April 19,​ 2018,​ the​ United States Department of​ Agriculture unveiled its new My Pyramid nutrition pyramid. Available at​ its own web site http//www. mypyramid. gov,​ the​ new guidelines arent so much NEW as​ they are more in​ depth,​ detailed and helpful.
For starters,​ My Pyramid can be personalized. on​ the​ main page,​ you​ have the​ option of​ entering your age,​ gender and activity level. Simply click submit and get a​ recommendation thats more specific than 611 servings of​ grain per day. Instead of​ those vague,​ wideranging recommendations,​ youll get a​ pyramid that says,​ 6 ounces of​ grain products,​ or​ 2 1/2 cups vegetables.
Even if​ that were the​ ONLY improvement on​ the​ new site,​ it​ would be tremendous. No more guessing whether you​ should aim for closer to​ six servings or​ closer to​ eleven. the​ nutrition calculator factors in​ your age,​ gender and activity level above your normal daily routine to​ come up with a​ recommended caloric intake. From there,​ it​ breaks down the​ calories by food group,​ and tells you​ exactly how much of​ each group you​ should eat per day for a​ healthy diet. Its far easier to​ figure out what 2 cups of​ milk is​ than it​ is​ to​ figure out how much 35 servings of​ dairy is!
But it​ doesnt stop there. Beneath the​ pyramid chart with the​ specific serving sizes on​ it,​ youll find a​ list of​ links to​ tips for making the​ healthiest choices from each food group divided by food group.
There are some great diet tips there,​ along with ways to​ serve foods in​ appetizing and nutritious ways. a​ sampling from each category includes
* Grain Substitute whole grain cereal for bread crumbs in​ toppings.
* Vegetables Try crunchy vegetables raw or​ lightly steamed.
* Fruits Try applesauce as​ a​ fatfree substitute for oil in​ baking.
* Milk Trim down from whole milk to​ fatfree gradually,​ week by week.
* Meat/Beans Replace some of​ the​ meat in​ your diet with nuts.
Want to​ know how your actual diet stacks up against the​ dietary guidelines and get specific,​ personalized recommendations for improving it? Tucked away at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ list of​ links in​ the​ menu youll find the​ My Pyramid Tracker. Its easily the​ handiest tool that Ive ever seen. Enter the​ foods that you​ eat in​ a​ typical day,​ click Analyze,​ and youll get a​ detailed analysis that includes the​ calories,​ the​ amount of​ over 25 specific nutrients,​ the​ difference between your diet and an optimum diet,​ and specific recommendations for changes you​ should make to​ eat a​ healthier diet. Better yet,​ you​ can save your history day by day to​ keep track of​ your eating habits and watch the​ improvements. Its the​ diet diary with a​ difference. Use it​ and see yourself eating better every day.
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