The Networking Part Of Network Marketing

The Networking Part of​ Network Marketing
Networking is​ obviously an​ essential part of​ network marketing .​
Every successful network marketer knows this to​ be true .​
Although networking is​ such an​ intricate part of​ network marketing,​ the​ two terms are not synonymous .​
However there are many similarities .​
Both rely heavily on​ people skills .​
Both require people to​ confront their fear of​ talking to​ other people .​
Both carry with them the​ risk of​ rejection .​
Both also carry with them enormous opportunity .​
And to​ some people,​ both are considered dirty words .​
Of course people that consider networking as​ something that is​ 'not done' don't understand what networking is​ really about .​
The same can be said of​ people that think network marketing is​ something that is​ beneath them .​
Many people think of​ networking as​ a​ way to​ get connected solely for their own advancement in​ life .​
In that respect a​ person might feel that it​ is​ unethical or​ not noble to​ network .​
This line of​ thinking stems from the​ idea that advancement will always come at​ the​ expense of​ someone else,​ that success in​ life is​ a​ zero-sum game .​
These people often look at​ network marketing from the​ same perspective .​
They think of​ profiting from other people's efforts as​ something that is​ negative and not fair to​ them .​
In reality,​ successful networkers will tell you​ that it​ doesn't work that way at​ all .​
Networking doesn't have to​ be at​ anybody's expense and the​ business of​ network marketing doesn't reward anyone for taking advantage of​ others .​
It actually rewards people for helping other people to​ succeed .​
In that respect it​ may very well be the​ most ethical business model in​ the​ world today .​
A lot of​ the​ negativity around networking can be explained by the​ different types of​ networkers .​
Some can be considered 'hunters',​ moving in​ for a​ quick kill,​ after which they move out again .​
They often operate without regard of​ the​ other persons interest and because of​ this they will enjoy the​ fruits of​ success for only a​ limited period of​ time .​
Often it​ will not take long before people find out what's really driving the​ hunter .​
Once they see that he or​ she is​ only looking after his or​ her own interests,​ their willingness to​ interact with this person will quickly evaporate .​
By contrast,​ truly successful networkers are often 'farmers' who spend a​ lot of​ time sowing and nourishing their relationships,​ instead of​ just focusing on​ reaping .​
They invest in​ their network,​ they energize their network .​
They use their network,​ but they never ever abuse their network! And their network knows this .​
a​ true networker will always keep the​ interests of​ others in​ mind .​
That's why working with a​ true networker is​ so enjoyable .​
Networkers are often very likeable and as​ such people like to​ interact with them .​
Networking is​ a​ skill that is​ essential to​ all businesses not just network marketing .​
Although network marketing differs in​ many ways from the​ more traditional forms of​ doing business,​ the​ importance of​ networking is​ just as​ prevalent .​
If not more so .​
a​ network marketer that doesn't know how to​ network will be out of​ business in​ no time .​
Network marketing is​ first and foremost a​ people's business and this implies that the​ ability to​ effectively work with people is​ absolutely critical .​
This is​ why successful network marketers are extremely adept at​ networking .​
Many have found out over time that developing this skill can pay off in​ many areas outside their network marketing business as​ well .​
Business owners who have started a​ home based business on​ the​ side often apply their enhanced networking and people's skills in​ their traditional business with great success .​
For some network marketers this spin-off has earned them more money than the​ income from their network marketing business itself .​
So whether you​ are in​ network marketing or​ in​ a​ more traditional type of​ business,​ don't underestimate the​ importance of​ becoming an​ effective networker .​
And if​ you​ really want to​ master this skill you​ may find there is​ a​ lot to​ learn from good network marketers .​
So if​ you​ happen to​ know anybody that fits that description,​ try and benefit from their knowledge on​ the​ topic .​
It will surely help you​ network your way to​ success!
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