The Network Marketing High Income Formula

The Network Marketing High Income Formula
Want to​ be a​ mega-earner in​ network marketing? You’ll need these three qualities: Leadership,​ Innovation,​ and Commitment.
Network Marketing rewards its leaders handsomely .​
the​ leaders are the​ ones who are willing to​ hold conference calls,​ offer their homes for meetings,​ or​ become corporate trainers .​
Leaders help and teach others how to​ be successful (regardless if​ they are downline,​ crossline,​ or​ in​ another opportunity) .​

Leaders will always have a​ home in​ this industry,​ because every single company CEO,​ and every top producer,​ wants a​ leader in​ their organization.
Network Marketing rewards innovators handsomely .​
I​ remember when Dale Maloney (a leader in​ this industry for over 20 years) scared up a​ few dollars to​ buy a​ mailing list,​ some stamps,​ envelopes,​ and paper to​ send out some sales letters to​ recruit others into his opportunity .​
I​ was in​ the​ second wave of​ people to​ receive a​ letter written by Dale .​
Until then,​ no one thought of​ using direct mail to​ build an​ organization.
I remember the​ first national ads in​ the​ newspaper USA Today,​ the​ first toll-free recorded information lines,​ mailing audio tapes (even before Dead Doctors Don’t Lie),​ email marketing,​ and flash presentation lead capture websites .​
the​ innovators who used these marketing breakthroughs made small fortunes.
The next innovation is​ just waiting to​ be brought to​ the​ market .​
History has shown that if​ you​ are innovative,​ you​ will be richly rewarded.
Network Marketing rewards commitment handsomely .​
If you​ plan on​ giving up after hearing no a​ couple of​ times,​ or​ if​ you​ feel you’re done recruiting after you​ get your first couple of​ people in​ (like the​ average person),​ then quit now .​
the​ average person in​ this industry does not make money -- they lose money .​
Why? They are not committed to​ being successful .​
They are not willing to​ do whatever it​ takes .​
And being committed to​ doing whatever it​ takes is​ what is​ necessary to​ be successful in​ this industry.
There is​ no such thing as​ Fast Money in​ network marketing .​
Have you​ heard any of​ these? No cold calling .​
No selling .​
Work a​ couple hours a​ week. .​
Retire in​ two to​ three years .​
All Lies!
Lifetime residual income is​ not built over a​ few months .​
It takes years to​ build a​ retirement income .​
Hard work .​
Polished selling skills .​
Consistency .​
Persistence .​
you​ must be committed to​ these basic values to​ achieve success.
So pick your poison,​ or​ embrace all three .​
the​ qualities of​ leadership,​ innovation,​ and commitment are paramount to​ your success in​ network marketing and life.
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