The Fair Tax Revolution

Few people would expect a​ book about taxes to​ take the​ New York Times bestseller list by storm,​ but that's exactly what the​ Fair Tax Book has done. For decades,​ Americans from every point on​ the​ political spectrum have moaned about April 15th and the​ maze of​ ridiculous instructions and high confiscatory taxation that accompanies that day. the​ current tax code is​ a​ labyrinth of​ over nine million pages of​ indecipherable jargon only a​ federal bureaucrat could fully appreciate. So is​ there anything we can do about this monstrosity?

You bet. the​ Fair Tax Book,​ authored by Georgia Congressman John Linder and nationally syndicated talk radio host Neal Boortz,​ lays out a​ perfect case for why the​ current tax code should and can be replaced by a​ simple and easy to​ understand tax system that slashes the​ current nine million pages of​ red tape in​ favor of​ a​ 133-page gateway to​ prosperity.

The concept is​ simple. All current federal taxes - income taxes,​ medicare taxes,​ social security taxes,​ gasoline taxes,​ capital gains taxes,​ etc. - will be eliminated overnight. in​ their place,​ the​ federal government will levy a​ single 23% sales tax on​ all retail goods. Workers will finally get to​ take home 100% of​ their paychecks. Investors will finally be able to​ invest without having worry about the​ tax consequences. And April 15th will become just another ordinary day. Sounds simple right? Well,​ you'll probably have more than a​ few questions and concerns. But the​ Fair Tax Book performs a​ stellar job in​ addressing the​ most commonly asked questions. Questions such as​ the​ following:

If we do this,​ won't prices go up 23%? No. the​ elimination of​ all current federal taxes will also eliminate the​ embedded tax costs inherent in​ all products currently sold. Since the​ Fair Tax will only be applied to​ final retail products,​ and not the​ inputs used in​ the​ manufacture of​ those products,​ prices will drop an​ average of​ 22% across the​ economy. So prices will remain the​ same!

What about the​ poor,​ won't they get hammered by the​ Fair Tax? Absolutely not. in​ fact,​ the​ Fair Tax is​ the​ only tax reform bill before Congress that totally eliminates the​ tax burden of​ the​ poor. Under the​ Fair Tax,​ every American (from the​ richest among us to​ the​ poorest among us) will receive a​ monthly rebate check from the​ federal government that covers the​ cost of​ the​ 23% sales tax up the​ poverty level. So a​ check for approximately $450 will be deposited in​ everyone's bank account to​ cover the​ 23% tax on​ the​ basic necessities of​ life (such as​ food,​ gasoline,​ clothing,​ etc.)

You'll probably have more questions than can possibly be addressed in​ this short article,​ but I have no doubt they'll all be answered if​ you​ simply take the​ time to​ read the​ Fair Tax Book. Authors Neal Boortz and John Linder brilliantly lay out their case for tax reform in​ an​ easy to​ read format that's also quite entertaining. And with powerful and influential Americans such as​ Tom Delay,​ Alan Greenspan,​ and Sean Hannity all trumpeting their support for the​ Fair Tax,​ it​ seems certain to​ dominate the​ realm of​ political discourse in​ the​ months and years ahead.

Once you've read it,​ you'll probably agree that the​ Fair Tax Book is​ probably the​ most important book to​ hit the​ American political landscape since Uncle Tom's Cabin. the​ FairTax is​ simple and easy to​ understand. More importantly,​ it​ returns America to​ the​ original intent of​ the​ Founding Fathers by creating a​ system of​ voluntary taxation that unleashes the​ true potential of​ free individuals. the​ explosion in​ wealth creation certain to​ follow will fuel America's position as​ the​ world's leading superpower for decades to​ come and solidify our nation's future for our children and grandchildren.

As a​ result,​ the​ Fair Tax Book will probably launch a​ political revolution. With the​ 2018 mid-term elections drawing near,​ take the​ time to​ educate yourself about the​ Fair Tax Act of​ 2018. you​ might well decide to​ become a​ minuteman in​ this modern day American tax revolt!
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