The Ebb And Flow Of Network Marketing

The Ebb and Flow of​ Network Marketing
And so I​ say to​ you: ‘Ask,​ and you​ will receive; SEEK,​ and you​ will find; knock,​ and the​ door will be opened to​ you.’
For everyone who asks will receive,​ and he who SEEKS will find,​ and the​ door will be opened to​ anyone who knocks.
- Luke 11: 9-10 .​
[Good News Bible]
No matter how long you’ve been in​ this business,​ you​ will have experienced what I​ call the​ Ebb and Flow of​ Network Marketing .​
It’s simply the​ highs and lows you​ experience from dealing with people .​
We have all experienced it,​ even the​ top earners in​ the​ business .​
See if​ this has happened to​ you​ .​
You’ve just made a​ great presentation to​ a​ prospect and,​ in​ spite of​ your being able to​ neutralize every objection they have put forward,​ they still don’t sign up .​
You feel rejected,​ frustrated,​ and disappointed .​
You begin to​ wonder why you​ ever got into this business and what you’re doing wrong .​
You go into a​ bit of​ a​ funk,​ and start to​ feel sorry for yourself.
After a​ bit of​ a​ lull,​ you​ decide to​ try another presentation to​ another prospect .​
This time,​ they’re ready to​ sign up almost before you​ open your mouth .​
You’re on​ Cloud 9,​ you​ can move mountains,​ you​ are master of​ your domain!
What has happened? You’ve just experienced the​ Ebb and Flow of​ Network Marketing.
Every MLM distributor goes through it .​
This emotional ebb and flow is​ often what stops many network marketers from achieving the​ financial freedom and security they desire .​
They let their emotions control how much work they put into the​ business,​ and a​ few no’s cause their efforts to​ diminish .​
Consequently,​ their business grinds to​ a​ halt.
Successful networkers,​ however,​ adopt a​ posture of​ emotional equilibrium,​ not getting too high with each success or​ too low with each failure .​
In his CD series,​ Key to​ the​ Vault (which I​ highly recommend to​ any network marketer),​ Bob Schmidt tells the​ story of​ John Wooden,​ the​ legendary coach of​ the​ UCLA basketball program,​ who won 10 national championships in​ a​ 12-year span .​
Wooden wanted his players to​ achieve a​ level of​ emotional maturity,​ or​ equilibrium,​ regarding their performance on​ the​ court .​
He wanted his players to​ behave in​ such a​ way that,​ after a​ game,​ a​ locker room observer would not be able to​ tell whether the​ team had won or​ lost .​
Wooden stressed to​ his players that if​ they had simply gone out and done their best,​ the​ outcome was not the​ issue .​
Therefore,​ being high on​ victory or​ low on​ defeat never entered into the​ equation .​
That’s what he meant by emotional equilibrium.
Remember the​ acronym S.E.E.K .​
– Seek Emotional Equilibrium Knowingly
Learn to​ control your emotions; don’t let them control you​ .​
If a​ prospect’s failure to​ sign up with you​ causes you​ to​ go into an​ emotional tailspin,​ you​ have lost control of​ the​ situation .​
Because your business depends on​ you,​ you​ are letting your prospect control your business .​
This is​ equally true for a​ prospect that does sign up .​
If you​ get too high on​ that success,​ and base you​ next actions on​ what the​ prospect has done,​ you​ have again let them take control of​ your business.
Don’t let your mood,​ your emotional state,​ control your efforts .​
S.E.E.K.,​ and you​ will find the​ path to​ achieving the​ success you​ desire.
Bruce Bailey,​ Ph.D.
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