The Easiest Nutrition Guidelines Ever

6 Steps The Easiest Nutrition Guidelines Ever:

1- Eat For Your Goal
If needing to​ lose weight eat below your caloric needs. No more than 30% cut.
If needing to​ gain weight then eat above. Increase by 15% as​ needed.

2- Eat for Balance Get at​ least 30% of​ every nutrient in​ a​ day protein/carbs/fats. the​ other 10% is​ to​ do whatever you​ want with it.

3- Eat the​ right foods This goes as​ follows.
Protein Lean and Complete chicken,​ turkey,​ egg whites,​ whey
Carbs Fruits and veggies should make up the​ majority of​ your diet and be paired with every meal.
Fats Poly/mono fat balance high fish oils,​ nuts,​ olive oil, Low Saturated fats

4- Eat Often Eat 46 meals a​ day.
Each meal should contain 1 complete protein.
Each meal should contain 1 carbs-source of​ either fruit/veggies.

5- Eat 1 ingredient items 85% of​ your meals should be of​ one ingredient items.
An apples ingredients are an apple. An egg is​ an egg. You​ can certainly mix and match on​ ingredient items,​ but other than that your items 85% of​ the​ time should only be 1 ingredient items.

6- Drink Water1/2 to​ 1 gallon a​ day for women who exercises,​ 1 to​ 1 1/2 gallon for men who exercise.

That's it. if​ you​ stick to​ that you​ will get results,​ plain and simple.
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