The 10 Myths That Can Keep You Away From Online Business

We are living in​ a​ world where the​ Internet has a​ far bigger role to​ play than just connecting people beyond geographical boundaries or​ enabling VoIP. Internet drives most businesses today,​ whether we talk about internet mail,​ online presentations,​ business meetings through video conferencing or​ generating revenue through PPC campaigns and other internet marketing strategies. But there are many people out there who want to​ be successful entrepreneurs over the​ internet but there is​ some myth or​ the​ other that is​ stopping them from being successful.

Let us look at​ the​ 10 myths that have kept many people away from being successful entrepreneurs or​ from generating revenue on​ the​ internet:

Myth I: Not good enough

There are many people who feel that they are not smart enough or​ good enough to​ do online business and the​ truth is​ that although business over the​ internet might not be for everyone but it​ is​ not impossible.

Myth II: Not enough time

Most of​ you​ are probably doing 80hrs a​ week and to​ add to​ it​ is​ the​ commuting time and the​ time you​ spend with your family. Most people would ask how can there be time left for an​ online business after all this. if​ you​ are working 10 hrs a​ day and if​ you​ are commuting by train then you​ can always think and jot down your ideas while traveling. Spend about an​ hour every night before you​ hit the​ bed to​ browse through the​ internet and find the​ required information and the​ right sources that will help your business.

Myth III: Not enough money

Although it​ may seem like a​ costly proposition on​ the​ outside but the​ truth is​ that the​ internet is​ really cheap. Most website hosting companies are also offering cheap hosting services ranging from as​ less as​ a​ $1 a​ month. a​ simple website design using basic HTML will not cost you​ more than $100 and broadband is​ also available at​ low costs. So you​ can set up an​ online business within a​ budget of​ $150 with ease and start reaping the​ benefits from the​ first month itself.

Myth IV: Not an​ expert

You don’t have to​ be an​ expert to​ start an​ online business. you​ may need to​ be a​ construction engineer to​ build bridges,​ but you​ don’t require any kind of​ educational qualification or​ work experience to​ be successful on​ the​ internet. All you​ need is​ an​ understanding of​ how the​ internet works and how you​ can take advantage of​ the​ internet to​ generate revenue.

Myth V: What should I sell?

There are many who believe that they have nothing to​ sell at​ all on​ the​ internet but they are wrong. you​ don’t have to​ really start by selling a​ product or​ a​ service of​ your own. you​ can choose to​ sell some other companies product or​ service on​ a​ commission basis and then slowly grow from there.

Myth VI: Competition

One of​ the​ worst excuses is​ that there are already a​ lot of​ players in​ this field and hence it​ is​ difficult to​ survive. the​ truth is​ that competition is​ everywhere but as​ long as​ you​ have the​ desire to​ succeed,​ you​ can overthrow any competition. Another important thing is​ that your loss will be someone else’s gain.

Myth VII: Making money

Some people believe that the​ only people really making any money are the​ ones who tell others how to​ make money. This is​ not true because although there are many people who advice people on​ how to​ make money but such people comprise of​ only 1% of​ the​ internet business.

Myth VIII: No Success

There are some people who have met with failure but that is​ no reason for believing that they are not cut out for internet business. Sometimes,​ the​ reasons for failure are because of​ our own faults like not being able to​ capitalize on​ an​ opportunity or​ failing to​ recognize one or​ bad decision making.

Myth IX: Search Engine Ranking

There are many who believe that there business can’t reach places without a​ search engine ranking. This is​ untrue. Not everyone is​ on​ the​ number 1 page of​ Google but that doesn’t mean that they are not successful businesses.

Myth IX: Advertising Budget

You don’t necessarily require an​ advertising budget to​ increase the​ visibility of​ your business. There are many different ways of​ doing it​ without even spending a​ dime like back linking,​ article submissions etc.

At the​ end,​ it​ is​ all about making a​ start!
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