The 10 Commandments Of Online Business

The 10 Commandments of​ Online Business
1 .​
Thou Shalt Not Pursue a​ Free Lunch:
Chances are,​ you​ will not get rich quick .​
Deal with it .​
Don't waste your time convincing yourself or​ listening to​ others who tell you​ differently .​
Hard work and perseverance will not fail you​ .​
2 .​
Thy Products Must Solve a​ Prospect's Problem:
We humans are greedy creatures most times .​
We want comfort,​ ease,​ peace of​ mind,​ and a​ plethora of​ other self indulgencies .​
Put yourself in​ the​ customer's shoes and ask What's in​ it​ for me? .​
If your ads or​ products do not clearly spell this out,​ and tell the​ customer how you​ will give him what he desires,​ most times you​ will not make the​ sale .​
3 .​
Thou Shalt Educate Thyself:
Read,​ Read,​ Read .​
Observe other successful people in​ your field .​
What are they doing? Read some more .​
4 .​
Thou Shalt Budget For Advertising:
Free advertising is​ an​ oxymoron .​
The only people reading free ads are the​ ones who are placing them there,​ and all they're looking for is​ their own ad,​ not yours .​
Instead,​ learn all you​ can about your target audience,​ and find them .​
Whether it​ is​ through pay-per-click advertising using highly targeted keywords,​ eZine ads,​ banners on​ related sites,​ etc .​
Don't go after the​ general public .​
Go after people who are looking for your type of​ product or​ service .​
Allow a​ certain monthly expense for advertising and stick to​ it .​
5 .​
Thou Shalt Track Thyne Advertising:
You made a​ sale! Congrats! How did the​ customer find you? If you​ have 10 different ads on​ 10 different sites,​ how on​ earth will you​ know which one(s) are working? View your server logs to​ see where the​ users came from .​
Create unique URLs to​ use in​ each ad .​
For example: etc .​
Just add the​ ? and ad number to​ the​ end of​ the​ URL you​ post along with each ad .​
Change the​ number for each one & for goodness sake,​ write them down somewhere! offers a​ great free service that will assist you​ in​ tracking your visitors .​
6 .​
Thou Shalt Tweak:
Familiarize yourself with the​ term split-run .​
a​ split run is​ where you​ take 2 ads and send them out simultaneously and measure the​ results to​ see which ad pulled more clicks and sales .​
You take the​ better of​ the​ 2 ads and create another one .​
Run a​ split-test again with your best ad & your new ad .​
The winner moves on​ to​ the​ next round .​
Repeat this process often .​
7 .​
Honor Thy Mailing List:
Your current and previous customers are an​ incredible source of​ revenue for you​ .​
It's a​ shame that many online business owners neglect this each and every day .​
Stay in​ touch with your prospects by sending an​ email or​ printed newsletter or​ flyer .​
Offer them special discounts and loyalty bonuses .​
If you​ forget them,​ they will surely forget you​ .​
8 .​
Thou Shalt Not Be Hindered By Failure:
You will fail .​
Period .​
Dust yourself off & get back on​ the​ horse .​
It is​ part of​ your education .​
Learn from it​ and move forward .​
9 .​
Thou Shalt Duplicate What Works:
Commandment number six goes hand-in-hand with this one .​
The wonderful thing about doing business online is​ the​ ease at​ which you​ can scale-up your operation .​
If you​ find something that works,​ do it​ again,​ and again .​
Reach a​ larger audience .​
If you've found a​ successful niche as​ an​ affiliate with a​ mini-site,​ set up 25 more sites .​
10 .​
Thou Shalt Reward Thyself:
You need some time away from the​ computer .​
Go outside .​
Go shopping .​
Visit friends .​
Buy yourself a​ new toy .​
Read something non-technical,​ fiction maybe .​
You've earned the​ right to​ treat yourself .​
Make it​ a​ habit or​ it​ will become a​ resentment.
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