Taxes Trademark Issues And Corporations

Corporations may enjoy certain tax advantages. Due to​ the​ complexities involved,​ you​ should consult an​ experienced CPA or​ tax attorney for details. the​ corporation can adopt a​ pension or​ profit-sharing plan for the​ benefit of​ the​ employees. if​ certain requirements are met,​ contributions of​ cash or​ other property by a​ corporation to​ such a​ plan will be deductible by the​ corporation for federal income tax purposes.

The corporation pays income tax on​ the​ profits that were not distributed to​ the​ shareholders as​ salary or​ in​ some other form deductible by the​ corporation for federal income tax purposes. the​ shareholders are required to​ pay a​ tax on​ dividends.

A trademark is​ a​ word,​ phrase,​ symbol or​ design,​ or​ combination of​ words,​ phrases,​ symbols or​ designs,​ which identifies and distinguishes the​ source of​ particular goods. By and large,​ a​ mark for goods appears on​ the​ product or​ its packaging. a​ "tm" on​ a​ product indicates unregistered trademark rights,​ and an​ "®" indicates a​ registered trademark. it​ is​ unlawful to​ place an​ "®" on​ a​ mark that does not have national registration.

As your domain name can become a​ highly valuable business asset,​ you​ should think in​ terms of​ trademark registration. Don’t worry about registering your trademark in​ the​ very beginning if​ you​ are pressed for funds,​ but take action once you​ have more revenue available.

One of​ the​ most important facts to​ consider is​ to​ avoid using a​ name that has been trademarked by another business. if​ you​ build your brand,​ even if​ you​ have done it​ unknowingly,​ around a​ trademarked name,​ you​ could be sued and held liable. Before you​ register a​ domain name,​ go to​ www.usptodotgov and run a​ trademark search for the​ names you're considering. if​ you​ don’t find a​ match that doesn’t guarantee that your desired trademark is​ not protected. the​ database you​ are searching is​ about 12 months behind. Doing your own research is​ worth it​ because it​ lowers your risk of​ violating trademark laws.

When trying to​ determine the​ ideal trademark for your business,​ keep in​ mind that the​ purpose of​ trademark law is​ to​ prevent consumer confusion about the​ source of​ goods or​ services. Ask yourself if​ a​ consumer would confuse your name with that of​ another product,​ service or​ company.
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