Tax Return Forms

Tax Return Forms
According to​ federal laws governing taxation,​ any person,​ receiving an​ income in​ one form or​ the​ other,​ need to​ pay income taxes to​ the​ government annually .​
But,​ the​ job of​ preparing tax returns,​ the​ calculations and the​ many tax forms involved,​ constitute one of​ the​ harrowing experiences being an​ honest tax payer .​
To make matters worse,​ the​ complexity of​ calculations increases with the​ income .​
That is,​ more the​ income,​ more complex will be associated tax calculations and also the​ number of​ tax forms involved .​
This article focuses on​ the​ last of​ the​ facts mentioned,​ the​ tax forms,​ especially 1040ez,​ 1040a,​ and 1040 .​
The first step in​ the​ run-up to​ tax return submission is​ selecting the​ right form .​
The basic of​ the​ tax forms is​ the​ 1040 – also 1040ez and 1040a – which has to​ be appropriately filled by every person filing tax returns in​ any case .​
It is​ meant for all kinds of​ income,​ over $100,​000 annually,​ and also for itemizing deductions when not opting for standard deductions .​
1040ez,​ again a​ basic tax form,​ on​ the​ other hand is​ meant for people who are single or​ when married,​ jointly .​
The conditions governing the​ 1040ez form are,​ the​ tax payees must not have any dependents,​ not blind,​ age less than 65,​ and have an​ annual earned income (taxable) less than $100,​000 with an​ earned interest not more than $1,​500,​ and have non-itemized deductions .​
Finally,​ the​ form 1040a is​ for those who have an​ income less than $100,​000 annually,​ but with itemized deductions .​

The stickiest part with tax preparation in​ fact is​ the​ right selection of​ the​ tax forms .​
Boy! It can be really confusing .​
To make matters worse,​ most of​ the​ people,​ they start thinking about tax returns only in​ the​ 13th hour,​ all warnings and ads by the​ tax department not withstanding .​
Some even end up paying the​ fine for delayed tax returns .​
But,​ none of​ these last minute heroic acts is​ ever going to​ give any respite to​ the​ person as​ far as​ the​ ordeal waiting for them is​ concerned,​ if​ not compounding it​ further .​
Here,​ one simply cannot afford to​ go wrong in​ the​ selection of​ tax forms and filling it .​
An error anywhere – in​ the​ type of​ form (1040ez or​ 1040a or​ 1040) or​ the​ data incorporated - could lead to​ other complexities such as​ an​ unprecedented delay in​ tax refunds or​ even a​ fresh request to​ pay the​ income taxes from the​ tax department to​ clear the​ confusion .​
Hence,​ considering such possibilities,​ it​ is​ advisable that if​ anyone is​ confused regarding the​ tax forms to​ use or​ with tax calculations,​ don’t hesitate to​ consult a​ tax specialist .​
They could help you​ with the​ tax calculations and the​ selection of​ the​ right form and documents (of course,​ they’ll take a​ pay for the​ service) .​
On a​ general perspective,​ however,​ it​ is​ only advantageous to​ remain educated about taxation’s various dimensions and requirements .​
a​ professional could extend the​ much needed assistance,​ but it​ is​ always on​ a​ safer side for the​ individual himself/herself to​ be aware of​ the​ basic rules regarding taxation .​
Let’s not take everything for granted!
Another plus with acquiring enough knowledge about the​ different dimensions of​ tax preparation and the​ tax forms - 1040ez,​ 1040a,​ or​ 1040 – is​ that then he/she could easily and safely shift to​ tax preparation software like TurboTax that are easily available in​ the​ internet to​ complete the​ formalities .​
TurboTax software is​ accurate,​ easy and simple to​ use,​ and what all you​ need to​ do is​ to​ first download the​ tax preparation software on​ your PC,​ and then provide the​ figures the​ computer asks of​ you​ .​
However,​ it​ is​ very important that the​ right figures be provided to​ the​ Turbo Tax software always so that there are no mistakes that may arise in​ the​ 1040a,​ 1040ez,​ or​ 1040 forms,​ when all the​ calculations are finished .​
One could get the​ tax forms - 1040ez,​ 1040a,​ or​ 1040 – from IRS or​ public library .​
Make sure that you​ fill it​ out properly and include all the​ required documents before submitting it​ to​ the​ authorities .​
Ensure your signature on​ it​ and also the​ social security number without any errors .​
a​ misquoted SSN could cause lots of​ difficulties,​ both for the​ tax payer and the​ tax authorities.
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