Tax Refunds How Do They Work

Tax Refunds: How Do They Work?
The best part about filing your taxes is​ getting the​ tax refund check! Chances are,​ you​ have been paying your taxes directly,​ or​ your employer has been withholding tax dollars from your paychecks .​
Many individuals overpay on​ their taxes,​ so they quickly file their taxes to​ get their tax refunds and soon as​ possible.
How do tax refunds work?
Your employer withholds some of​ money from your paycheck,​ based on​ a​ formula and the​ information you​ provided on​ your W4 when you​ got hired .​
This withheld amount is​ applied towards your tax payment to​ the​ IRS.
Because the​ formula is​ only based on​ the​ allowances you​ showed on​ your W4 and of​ your paycheck,​ it​ doesn’t take other factors of​ your life into consideration .​
For example,​ hospital expenses,​ tuition payments,​ and childcare expenses aren’t considered.
When you​ file your taxes,​ you​ have the​ opportunity to​ claim these expenses as​ deductions .​
a​ deduction reduces your overall income .​
Therefore,​ you​ owe less in​ taxes and are qualified for tax refunds.
Because you​ pay taxes to​ both the​ federal government and to​ the​ state,​ you​ might receive two tax refunds .​
The amount will depend on​ how much you​ have overpaid throughout the​ year .​
To make sure you​ receive both tax refunds,​ you​ will have to​ file your taxes with both the​ federal government and the​ state government.
How do I​ get my tax refunds?
To get your tax refunds,​ you​ have to​ file your tax returns .​
You can do this on​ your own or​ by hiring a​ tax accountant or​ specialist .​
You must also make the​ deadline,​ which is​ usually in​ April,​ or​ file for an​ extension .​
You can find more information on​ these topics at​ the​ IRS website.
Most individuals opt to​ file taxes on​ their own to​ save from having to​ pay professional fees to​ tax specialists .​
Thanks to​ the​ Internet,​ almost anyone can easily file their taxes online! There are many software and program choices available online.
You will need your W2’s or​ 1099’s,​ and other documents to​ file your taxes .​
Once you​ have these documents,​ you​ can use online tax filing programs to​ plug in​ your information .​
Tax filing programs are easy to​ use,​ with clear instructions and instant help .​
The program will guide you​ through each step,​ and will even help you​ find deductions to​ maximize your deductions and refund checks!
Where do I​ get my tax refunds?
You will usually receive your tax refund checks in​ the​ mail within three weeks .​
When you​ file your taxes online,​ you​ can also choose to​ have your tax refunds directly deposited into your bank account .​
All you​ need is​ your bank account and routing numbers,​ which you​ can easily locate at​ the​ bottom of​ your personal check .​
When you​ choose the​ direct deposit option,​ you’ll receive your check in​ half the​ time.
The most important thing to​ remember about tax refunds is​ that you​ have to​ file to​ receive them .​
So save all your receipts and documents for deductions,​ and get your tax returns in​ by April –your money is​ waiting!
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