Tax Refund Email Scam Irs Warning

Tax Refund Email Scam – IRS Warning
The IRS has issued a​ warning regarding a​ phishing email scam .​
The scam claims you​ are due a​ tax refund,​ but is​ really designed to​ obtain your personal information .​
Tax Refund Email Scam
Phishing scams are designed to​ swindle you​ into providing private information that can be used to​ your detriment .​
This information typically includes things like credit card numbers,​ social security numbers,​ bank accounts and so on​ .​
This information is​ then used to​ open financial accounts in​ your name,​ a​ process otherwise known as​ identity theft .​
Frankly,​ it​ is​ a​ nightmare you​ do not want to​ be a​ part of .​
The IRS is​ warning people about a​ tax refund email scam,​ which works like this .​
You receive an​ email purportedly from the​ IRS indicating you​ are due a​ tax refund .​
You are directed to​ click a​ link to​ visit an​ IRS page .​
On the​ page,​ you​ are asked to​ provide your social security number,​ etc.,​ so your account can be accessed .​
This email is​ fraudulent and designed solely for identity theft .​
IRS Does Not Use Email
The IRS does not use email to​ contact taxpayers .​
It certainly doesn’t use it​ tell you​ about tax refunds .​
The IRS only communicates with taxpayers through the​ mail or​ by telephone .​
Do not fall for this scam!
Are you​ Owed a​ Refund?
But what if​ you​ really are owed a​ tax refund? Well,​ the​ IRS is​ certainly not going to​ contact you​ by email to​ tell you​ .​
Think about it .​
The IRS doesn’t HAVE your email address,​ so how would it​ send you​ a​ message?
If you​ think you​ may be owed a​ tax refund,​ the​ best option is​ to​ pick up the​ phone and contact the​ IRS .​
You can reach the​ agency by calling 1-800-829-1040 .​
Whatever you​ do,​ never respond to​ an​ email from the​ Internal Revenue Service because they are fake .​
Don’t get suckered!
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