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Professional Tax Preparation Services
As a​ self-employed individual,​ I​ have to​ think about taxes all year long .​
From keeping meticulous business records and receipts to​ making estimated payments to​ Uncle Sam every quarter,​ it​ seems that I'm almost always doing something related to​ my taxes .​
While I​ don't mind handling this day-to-day paperwork,​ there's absolutely no way that I​ could prepare my own returns properly .​
The few times I've tried doing this in​ the​ past,​ I​ ended up making a​ terrible mess of​ everything,​ and had to​ pay an​ accountant a​ lot of​ money to​ fix things up for me .​
So now every April I​ just go straight to​ a​ professional tax preparation service and let experts deal with my return.
I've tried many tax preparation services over the​ years in​ an​ effort to​ get a​ feel for which ones can get me the​ biggest refund in​ the​ shortest amount of​ time .​
Here's a​ quick outline of​ what I've discovered.
When I​ first decided to​ take my returns to​ a​ professional,​ I​ went to​ a​ well known national company because I​ figured they'd be best equipped to​ finish the​ job in​ a​ satisfactory manner .​
However,​ I​ was extremely disappointed with the​ results,​ particularly since the​ person who prepared my return didn't make himself readily available to​ answer specific questions I​ had about my return .​
Since that bad experience,​ I've been looking at​ other alternatives including online tax preparation services.
From what I've seen,​ most online tax preparation services fall into one of​ two categories: full-service or​ self-service .​
With the​ first kind,​ you​ basically submit all of​ your relevant financial records electronically,​ and a​ professional will prepare your return for you​ .​
This is​ just like taking your paperwork to​ a​ local CPA,​ except for the​ fact that you​ never have to​ leave your home .​
With the​ second kind of​ online tax preparation service,​ you​ do the​ entire return yourself with the​ help of​ specialized software .​
The software simplifies everything,​ and utilizes various prompts and calculators so that you​ know exactly what to​ enter on​ every line of​ the​ return .​
While this is​ definitely a​ lot easier than trying to​ work through the​ traditional paper forms,​ it​ can still be a​ bit confusing for some people and is​ not 100 percent foolproof.
Out of​ all the​ different tax preparation services I've tried,​ I​ have to​ say that submitting my documents electronically to​ a​ professional firm is​ far and away the​ easiest solution .​
I​ keep all of​ my records in​ electronic formats anyway,​ so it​ doesn't take much time at​ all to​ locate them on​ my computer and send them via email .​
It's fast,​ it's easy,​ it's stress-free,​ and I​ highly recommend it!
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