Tax On Foreclosure

Tax on​ Foreclosure
The impact of​ the​ housing market and the​ tighter lending standards has put the​ homeowners into a​ dilemma .​
Lending crisis continues to​ shake out,​ it​ has affected homeowners particularly those who have used creative mortgages .​
Long-time homeowners who refinanced their properties based on​ increased value too could find themselves in​ tax trouble with foreclosures.
The increasing foreclosure rate in​ the​ country resulted from the​ collapse of​ the​ subprime loan market .​
These Subprime loans were sold forcefully to​ gullible borrowers .​
Today the​ real value has suffered and equity has taken a​ record beating .​
According to​ the​ recent data it​ exhibited that neighborhoods with home prices less than $250,​000 are taking the​ worse beating,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ higher-prized communities remain relatively unscathed.
As debt cancelled by lenders is​ considered taxable income,​ taxpayers who lose their homes might be left with a​ higher than expected tax liability .​
It is​ reported that there might be some legislative relief from D.C.
President George W .​
Bush announced his support for a​ proposed amendment to​ provide relief from discharge of​ indebtedness income for taxpayers who lose their primary residences to​ foreclosure.
The President calls on​ congress to​ change a​ key housing provision of​ the​ Federal Tax Code so it​ does not punish families who are forced to​ sell their homes for less than their mortgage is​ worth .​
The current tax law counts cancelled mortgage debt on​ primary residences as​ taxable income .​
The President also proposes temporary relief to​ ensure that cancelled mortgage debt on​ a​ primary residence is​ not counted as​ income.
Bush's proposals would make it​ easier for adjustable rate mortgage holders to​ refinance using the​ recourses of​ the​ Federal Housing Administration,​ a​ Depression-era agency created to​ help low and moderate income Americans to​ afford homes.
An estimated 60,​000 homeowners are behind payments because their mortgages have reset .​
They can refinance with FHA-insured loans,​ as​ they do not insure refinanced loans from borrowers who are currently delinquent.
As part of​ the​ mortgage package,​ Bush said he would support legislation currently pending in​ Congress .​
This could temporarily change tax law to​ let homeowners avoid paying taxes on​ forgiven debts in​ loans restructured by financial institutions .​
He also urged the​ Congress to​ modernize and improve FHA so more homeowners could qualify for mortgage insurance .​
This programme will only benefit those with good credit who have lagged behind refinance for a​ Federal Housing Authority (FHA) secured loan.
This relief is​ proposed only to​ give homeowners a​ time-out from foreclosures .​
The scheme does not guarantee recovery to​ all consumers and community organizations that have been urging for a​ six-month foreclosure freeze .​
This scheme focuses more on​ rescue loans and the​ release of​ more funds for credit counseling agencies .​
The freeze will only provide suffering homeowners time to​ get their bearings.
The government tries every way it​ can to​ control the​ rise in​ foreclosure rate .​
Bush's proposal is​ to​ help delinquent borrowers avid foreclosures.
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