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Reasons to​ Hire a​ Tax Law Attorney
The IRS is​ probably the​ most feared arm of​ the​ United States government .​
There are people who fear the​ IRS more than they do the​ FBI or​ the​ CIA .​
In facing this branch of​ the​ government,​ you​ will need a​ lot of​ help .​
While some people may advice you​ to​ get a​ Certified Public Accountant,​ there are lot of​ reasons not to​ do so .​
In fact,​ what you​ should do is​ get a​ tax law attorney.
Why should you​ hire a​ tax law attorney?
First of​ all,​ facing the​ IRS means that you​ either haven't hired an​ accountant,​ or​ your current accountant has done a​ pretty bad job of​ managing your finances .​
This means that it​ is​ already too late to​ hire another CPA to​ fix your problem .​
The IRS has already done the​ math,​ so you​ will be wasting resources if​ you​ hire another person to​ do it​ all over again .​
You need to​ focus on​ areas that you​ still need to​ prepare for .​
What you​ need is​ a​ competent tax law attorney to​ help you​ with the​ legalities that you​ will be facing.
There is​ also the​ issue of​ client-attorney confidentiality .​
While a​ CPA can be forced to​ divulge any information concerning your accounts to​ a​ court,​ a​ tax law attorney is​ legally exempted from doing so .​
Remember that this confidentiality can be extremely important during trials .​
Another advantage that tax attorneys have over CPAs is​ a​ deep understanding of​ the​ ambiguity of​ tax law .​
CPAs are trained to​ recognize something as​ either black or​ white .​
They are trained to​ categorize things very specifically and may not recognize the​ various gray areas of​ tax law .​
a​ good tax law attorney knows that the​ law can have a​ thousand different interpretations and uses this fact to​ your advantage.
A tax law attorney can also help you​ by giving you​ truly complete advice .​
This is​ because of​ the​ fact that they are experienced in​ matters involving tax laws .​
a​ tax law attorney will be able to​ give you​ advice on​ different legal measures that you​ can take to​ solve your Tax problems .​
a​ CPA can only help you​ in​ terms of​ fixing your budget or​ computing your taxes,​ but can offer very little help regarding how to​ fix your tax problems.
A tax law attorney,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ can show you​ a​ lot of​ things you​ can do to​ legally get the​ IRS off your back .​
a​ good tax law attorney can help you​ by giving you​ various tips on​ how to​ compromise with the​ IRS and end up paying much less than what you​ might think is​ your due.
The IRS can use different techniques to​ intimidate you​ into paying the​ amount that they will insist you​ owe .​
People who are unfamiliar with the​ methods of​ the​ IRS often pay this amount without taking the​ time to​ question why .​
a​ good tax law attorney can help you​ get over your fear of​ the​ IRS and meet them on​ the​ legal battleground .​
a​ good tax attorney will have the​ resources necessary to​ help you​ overcome any intimidation tactics that the​ IRS may use to​ force you​ to​ pay.
The best reason that you​ can have to​ hire a​ tax law attorney is​ the​ fact that taxes are based on​ laws .​
This means that taxes are the​ natural stomping grounds of​ tax attorneys .​
They know their ways around it​ and they know how to​ survive it.
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