Tax Incentives For Foreign Invested Enterprises In China

Chinese foreign investment law and local policies offer many tax breaks and other financial incentives to​ encourage foreign investment,​ particularly with respect to​ Enterprise Income Tax (the equivalent of​ US corporate tax). Keep in​ mind that China intends to​ phase out these favorable policies toward foreign capital over a​ five-year period in​ line with its WTO commitments. Nevertheless,​ it​ remains unclear whether China will raise FIE tax rates,​ lower general tax rates,​ or​ simply use nationality-neutral standards that will nevertheless disproportionately benefit FIEs

National incentives vary according to​ how much you​ are investing and whether your project is​ located in​ special economic zones; local incentives vary according to​ jurisdiction and relative bargaining power. in​ recent years China’s central and western provinces,​ starved of​ foreign investment relative to​ the​ coastal areas,​ have been offering incentives that are in​ some cases considerably more generous than their coastal counterparts. the​ national government is​ now encouraging foreign investors to​ invest in​ China’s relatively undeveloped hinterlands in​ order to​ distribute wealth evenly throughout the​ nation and reduce the​ flow of​ economic migrants to​ the​ coast.

Other taxes include:

* Withholding Tax - a​ withholding tax of​ 10% is​ imposed on​ China-sourced
income derived by foreign corporations without permanent establishments in​ China (FIE
profits distributed to​ foreign investors are one of​ several exemptions to​ this rule).

* Customs Duties are levied on​ imported goods and materials,​ and applicable rates vary. “Encouraged” category FIEs may apply for specific exemptions applicable to​ equipment imported for their own use (see the​ Foreign Investment Guidance Catalog for a​ list of​ Encouraged activities).

* Value Added Tax (VAT) - sales of​ goods and some services within China are usually subject to​ VAT at​ rates of​ either 13% or​ 17%. Imported goods may also be subject to​ VAT. “Encouraged” category FIEs may apply for significant exemptions applicable to​ imported equipment for their own use (see the​ Foreign Investment Guidance Catalog for a​ list of​ Encouraged FIE activities).

* Consumption Tax - Basically a​ “sin” tax - certain goods that are defined as​ luxury items or​ unhealthy products are subject to​ consumption tax at​ rates ranging from 3% to​ 45%.

* Land Use Tax - local governments may impose land use tax at​ a​ rate determined
by the​ local government within guidelines set by the​ State Council.

* Land Appreciation Tax - upon disposal of​ real estate,​ the​ seller is​ usually liable for Land Appreciation Tax at​ graduated rates of​ between 30% and 60%.

* Business Tax is​ levied at​ rates of​ 3% - 5% for certain services including insurance,​ construction,​ and assignment of​ various intellectual property rights. Entertainment services are taxed at​ a​ rate of​ between 5% and 20%.

* Motor Vehicle Acquisition Tax - acquisition of​ various types of​ motor vehicles
(such as​ cars,​ motorcycles and certain trucks) are taxed at​ a​ 10% rate.

* Deed Tax - transfers,​ gifts and exchanges of​ land use rights and buildings are taxed
at rates of​ 3% - 5%.

National Tax Preferences for FIEs
Sample Local Tax Preferences for FIEs
Sample Industrial Park Tax Preferences for FIEs
Individual Income Tax
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