Taking The Vampire Out Of Online Mlm Business Networking

Taking the​ Vampire Out Of Online MLM Business Networking
You just got started with a​ new online MLM business and you​ want to​ tell everyone online about it .​
So,​ you​ sign up for all kinds of​ message boards,​ email groups and other business networking websites.
Before you​ do anything,​ please realize that you​ are dealing with REAL PEOPLE .​
The Internet seems like this anonymous place where you​ might feel people won’t really notice you​ if​ you​ engage in​ any vampirish behavior,​ but realize that the​ Internet is​ no different than dealing with people offline.
Treat people with respect,​ get to​ know them first and you’ll have plenty of​ valuable contacts for your business .​
No,​ most probably won’t join your business opportunity,​ but they will teach you​ a​ lot about business,​ will refer others to​ you​ and will be a​ great asset to​ your business – even if​ they never buy a​ thing from you.
Some Online Networking No-Nos:
- Sending private messages or​ emails about your business opportunity or​ products to​ another member is​ in​ poor taste .​
If you​ want to​ contact someone privately because you​ feel you​ have something in​ common,​ go for it,​ but don’t recruit or​ sell.
- When you​ introduce yourself on​ a​ networking group,​ it’s usually okay to​ say what you​ do…but don’t invite people to​ check out your website or​ say that you​ are looking for new customers or​ recruits.
- Even if​ a​ message board or​ networking group allows you​ to​ post ads in​ certain places or​ on​ certain days,​ don’t bother if​ you’re new .​
Get to​ know the​ group first and then they’ll be more interested your offers.
When you​ have a​ new business,​ it​ can be stressful and you​ feel pressure to​ get results .​
The important thing to​ remember is​ that results come from building long-term relationships and not from preying on​ online networking groups.
Don’t suck the​ blood out of​ all your prospects and people who can connect you​ with potential prospects before you​ even get started.
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