Supercharge Your Online Business Through Affiliation

An “affiliation” is​ a​ relationship (an agreement) between two parties in​ which one party sells the​ products or​ services of​ the​ other in​ exchange for a​ commission. a​ good online affiliation program,​ even with a​ competitor,​ can supercharge sales. the​ product owner wins with additional sales and the​ affiliate wins by receiving a​ commission.

The affiliate does not have to​ create or​ transport the​ product that is​ sold,​ or​ even collect the​ money. This is​ all provided by the​ owner of​ the​ product. This is​ a​ huge advantage for the​ affiliate because startup costs are low. the​ beginning affiliate need primarily only focus on​ product promotion. in​ many case,​ the​ owner even supplies the​ affiliate with marketing information.

For sale of​ goods over the​ internet,​ the​ affiliate provides a​ URL hyperlink for the​ customer to​ click on. This hyperlink links to​ the​ website of​ the​ owner of​ the​ product and has a​ special code so that the​ affiliate will get credited when the​ sale goes through. the​ credit can range from to​ 50 percent (or higher) commission,​ depending on​ the​ affiliation agreement.

Some ways for an​ affiliate to​ increase sales include:

1) Offer something for free in​ exchange for the​ email address. People love to​ get free stuff and if​ they like what they get,​ they may reciprocate at​ a​ later time with a​ purchase.

2) Capture the​ email addresses to​ an​ “opt-in” list. From that list,​ send repeated emails to​ increase product awareness and to​ eventually trigger sales.

3) Market unique products with unique web sites. This provides product focus.

4) Include testimonials from real customers. (Be sure to​ get the​ customer’s permission first.)

Advantages for the​ affiliate include:

1) Low startup costs. the​ other party develops and produces the​ product.

2) No inventory. the​ other party manages that.

3) No handling of​ the​ product. the​ other party transfers the​ product to​ the​ customer.

4) No order processing. the​ other party sets up the​ merchant accounts and collects the​ customer’s money.

5) No shipping costs. the​ other party gets the​ product to​ the​ customer.

6) No downstream warranty costs. the​ other party handles all customer commitments.

7) if​ the​ product doesn’t sell,​ dump it​ and move to​ something else.

The main advantage for the​ producer (the other party in​ the​ affiliation relationship) is​ increased sales through increased product exposure.

A properly implemented online affiliation program really is​ a​ win-win for both the​ producer and the​ affiliate.

Jim McCabe
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