Successful Network Marketing The Reality

I first encountered Multi Level Marketing/MLM/Network Marketing in​ 1997. it​ was a​ company offering cheaper long distance and international telephone calls and I thought that I was on​ to​ a​ winner.

I was broke at​ the​ time but put together some leaflets promoting the​ service itself and promoted the​ business through mail order mailshots and advertisements. it​ didn’t work out for me for 3 reasons.

1. Although I really pushed the​ product,​ most people weren’t interested in​ saving money off their phone calls. the​ main objection was that they didn’t want 2 bills. the​ idea was new at​ the​ time,​ it​ was only a​ few months after British Telecom lost their monopoly and people weren’t very enlightened then.

2. I didn’t have enough start up capital to​ do my promotions justice and although I introduced users and promoters I always fell just short of​ the​ monthly join up requirements to​ be paid. Being paid for my efforts might just have made the​ difference if​ I could have used what I had earned to​ increase my promotions.

3. I joined with a​ very nice lady but she was also new to​ network marketing. as​ her upline didn’t offer any help to​ her we helped each other. it​ was fun but like the​ blind leading the​ blind.

I tried with that company for several months and never got paid. in​ the​ meantime I had found information publishing where I was making money. I was loathe to​ use that money to​ promote a​ company I had become disillusioned with so put my earnings back into what was doing well for me.

After a​ couple of​ years I published my own home business magazine and a​ lot of​ what I saw involving MLM disillusioned me further.

I saw companies launching in​ the​ UK without the​ correct legal paperwork. Lots of​ people would join and in​ their innocence spend money promoting something that was actually illegal and likely to​ be closed down if​ the​ DTI got wind of​ it.

I knew people who had piles of​ the​ products stashed away and never likely to​ be used. Why? Because some of​ the​ companies require you​ to​ buy an​ amount of​ product every month before you​ are paid for your efforts and your downlines efforts.

A friend earned thousands of​ pounds every month with his company. One month he spent 2 weeks on​ holiday and came back ill with food poisoning. He fell 1 short of​ the​ required monthly recruiting figures and his earnings went to​ his upline.

Companies shifting the​ goalposts just when promoters start to​ do well.

As a​ magazine editor I became a​ prime prospect for network marketers. I could advertise for free in​ my magazine as​ long as​ nobody else was promoting the​ same thing,​ and people took that little bit more notice of​ what I was promoting.

I would get telephone calls inviting me to​ join a​ wonderful opportunity. Because I am polite I didn’t tell them to​ get lost when they were extolling the​ virtues of​ companies that I probably knew more than them about. I would list my objections and get really annoying answers:

I’m not interested in​ the​ product
…The product doesn’t matter you​ will soon earn lots of​ money

I haven’t got time
…You only need to​ spend an​ hour a​ week on​ this business

I already have a​ lot of​ projects on​ the​ go and wouldn’t be able to​ do this business justice and spend time helping those who joined with me.
…They won’t need any help this business is​ easy to​ run

I could go on​ but I’m sure you​ get the​ drift. I really grew to​ detest network marketing and some of​ those that it​ attracted,​ but being in​ daily contact with them was part of​ my business so grinning and bearing it​ was a​ daily chore.

Then one day I had a​ telephone call from a​ new subscriber. He was a​ network marketer yawn… and he tried to​ get me to​ join. What he said to​ me during that call altered my bad opinion of​ network marketers,​ but he was one among many.

He told me that I should be interested in​ the​ product and use it​ regularly to​ enable me to​ truly recommend it. He said that I would need to​ make a​ good initial investment to​ be able to​ promote the​ business properly. I was also told that it​ was hard work,​ would take at​ least 20 hours a​ week of​ my time and that it​ would take a​ few months to​ start earning and then my earnings would gradually build if​ I continued to​ work hard. in​ a​ nutshell he told me the​ truth!

I was astonished at​ his honesty and told him why. His reply was that he was always honest about the​ business and that he would rather have one good joiner who knew the​ score from the​ beginning than 20 who believed that they would earn a​ fortune with no money and little effort. That one good joiner would earn both of​ them far more money than those who joined on​ pipedreams.

That guy impressed me,​ he became very successful and his downline were successful. I didn’t join his group and apart from placing ads and designing brochures for network marketers I didn’t get involved with any of​ those companies,​ mainly because I wasn’t interested in​ the​ products.

Recently I decided to​ give it​ a​ try with an​ internet company and I’m sure that I will follow his lead knowing that is​ the​ way to​ network marketing success.
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