Starting An Online E Book Business In Just 3 Easy Steps

Everybody knows that if​ you​ wanna make money online there are a​ few "simple" things that you​ have to​ do. I'm going to​ give you​ the​ steps you​ need to​ start your own online home business. Whether your a​ student (like me),​ a​ stay at​ home parent,​ teen,​ or​ anyone else who just want to​ make money from home.

First,​ you'll need a​ product that will sell and on​ the​ internet "Information is​ Everything". From money making ebooks and recipe books to​ dog training manuals,​ Almost everybody can write an​ ebook on​ something that they have either done before or​ don't mind researching. if​ you​ can't write,​ don't worry there are ebooks that you​ can purchase the​ resell rights to​ and sell just like your own.

Ebooks serve two main purposes; the​ first and most obvious is​ income. Most ebooks merchants have little or​ no overhead; Once you​ write it​ or​ purchase the​ master resell rights it's yours to​ sell over and over again and keep all the​ profits. That's why the​ majority of​ the​ people who really make money online sell some form of​ information.

The second purpose of​ ebooks is​ generating targeted traffic to​ your website. "Branding" puts your website links inside of​ ebooks that you​ sell so you​ can have your ebooks pulling in​ orders and traffic 24 hours a​ day.

Second,​you need a​ web presence. Whether it's a​ website,​ newsletter,​ blog,​ or​ RSS feed it​ is​ essential that you​ have a​ medium to​ connect to​ your potential clients. It's better to​ have more than one ex:(website & newsletter) this allows you​ to​ follow-up with people who might not purchase the​ first time around; Also to​ connect with people who might prefer a​ choice. a​ good website and hosting package with a​ domain name should cost less than ten dollars a​ month.

To be looked at​ as​ the​ professional you​ are,​ a​ domain name ( is​ crucial. Those "free" websites aren't really free when you​ begin to​ count all the​ missed customers. Not to​ mention the​ banner ad or​ text link that they embed into your page,​ driving them a​ ton of​ free traffic.

An important,​ but often unused component of​ new online marketers is​ tracking your visitors. When setting up your new website it's important to​ add a​ tracking service of​ some kind. This is​ so once your new site begins to​ take off,​ you​ know exactly where your visitors are coming from.

You want to​ do this so you​ will know which ads are working and which aren't. Track all the​ way to​ the​ order page,​ this is​ so you​ know not only visitors but also orders. you​ can find free tracking services online,​ even some with with invisible counters.

And for my last step,​ you​ need to​ get the​ word out about your new site. There are a​ few little known secrets that I personally use to​ drive targeted traffic to​ my sites. One,​ submit your site to​ search engines and directories. This takes some time to​ get a​ large amounts of​ hits,​ but once they start there highly targeted based off the​ keywords that you​ choose. Search engine optimization or​ SEO prepares your site to​ rank high in​ the​ search engines results,​ giving you​ more visitors.

Second,​ is​ article submissions. Like I said earlier,​ online information is​ everything and this is​ true for advertising. a​ well-written article can be picked up and re-published thousands of​ times for free. How does this effect you? at​ the​ bottom of​ every article you​ write there is​ whats called a​ resource or​ bio box containing the​ author's info and websites.It's illegal to​ remove this box,​ therefore you​ get free advertising on​ potentially thousands of​ sites by people wanting to​ use your article in​ there ezine,​ newsletter,​ website,​ etc.

This is​ also a​ great seo tool also since search engines count and rank sites by how many other sites link to​ them. Also if​ your worried that you​ can't write articles either,​ you​ can find plenty of​ them free with rights to​ edit them and make your own. There called private label rights or​ plr articles. Be sure to​ rewrite them because search engines can tell unique
content and will not index you.
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