Social Networking The Next Great Marketing Medium

Social Networking - the​ Next Great Marketing Medium?
There has been a​ virtual explosion of​ social networking sites in​ the​ past couple of​ years .​
Even the​ big players like Google,​ Yahoo and MSN are getting into it.
With so much interest in​ how social networks work,​ one begins to​ wonder if​ there is​ marketing potential within these social networks?
I've been watching social networking for some time now .​
In fact I'm a​ member of​ various social networking sites including and just to​ name two.
I joined partly because I​ wanted to​ see what they were,​ but more importantly to​ see what impact social networking would have on​ SEM in​ the​ coming years.
I've been a​ member of​ various services for some time and the​ reach these sites have is​ incredible.
For example,​ from my LinkedIn network of​ seven people I​ have an​ expanded network of​ over 12,​600 people.
Imagine that - I'm only a​ click or​ two away from close to​ 13,​000 other people who share my similar interests ranging from what I​ like to​ watch on​ TV to​ work I​ could provide to​ them.
Through my connections and their connections,​ I'm connected to​ people ranging from the​ American Cancer Society,​ to​ Sun Microsystems to​ the​ University of​ Texas to​ Google.
But what marketing opportunities are there for Social Networking?
Well,​ let's look at​ MySpace.
MySpace is​ one of​ the​ top sites on​ the​ Web today .​
It racked up 9.4 billion page-views in​ August 2018 (more than Google) and new users are signing up at​ a​ mind-boggling rate of​ 3.5 million a​ month.
MySpace is​ typical of​ where today’s 18-30 year old goes to​ manage their digital life .​
It allows users to​ post photos of​ themselves and their friends,​ create a​ blog,​ list their favorite bands,​ view and share videos,​ suggest things to​ do and lists a​ set of​ people they consider friends .​
It is​ on​ this Friends List where most of​ the​ opportunities lie.
All thirty million plus users of​ MySpace have a​ friend’s page that lists people that person considers their friend .​
This is​ a​ list of​ people that they are interested in​ talking to​ and about,​ as​ well as​ hearing from on​ a​ regular basis .​
Once you​ add someone as​ your friend they can send you​ emails,​ comment on​ your photos,​ read your blogs,​ as​ well as​ leave messages that you​ can then share with others .​
This is​ an​ opportunity for instant feedback about you.
The ability to​ add friends to​ your page is​ key for marketing to​ MySpace users .​
According to​ Courtney Holt,​ head of​ new media and strategic marketing at​ Interscope Records,​ This generation is​ growing up without having ever watched programmed media .​
They don't think in​ terms of​ the​ album,​ and they don't think in​ terms of​ a​ TV schedule .​
They think in​ terms of​ TiVo,​ P2P,​ AOL,​ and of​ course MySpace.
You can see how this could grow.
Let's say you​ create a​ MySpace account to​ talk about your product or​ service .​
You blog about it​ and search for others that may share your interests.
You then invite them to​ be your friend .​
When they become a​ friend you​ start your soft sell pitching your product to​ them.
As they grow to​ appreciate it,​ they start blogging and sharing it .​
Soon hundreds or​ even thousand of​ people are talking about you​ and your product or​ service.
Don't think this will work?
Let me give you​ some examples .​
There are many bands who have gotten their start on​ MySpace .​
Simply by hosting some of​ their music online and blogging about themselves they developed a​ following .​
Soon they had record deals and contracts lined up.
Of course to​ use services like MySpace you​ need to​ have something this target market needs .​
If you​ don't then you​ probably shouldn't put too much effort into MySpace.
But that doesn't mean other social networking opportunities should be overlooked .​
As I​ mentioned above,​ LinkedIn is​ more of​ a​ professional introduction service .​
If your product or​ service fits here then by all means explore it​ further.
And there are others as​ well .​
Services such as​ Yahoo!s MyWeb,​ Flickr,​ and more .​
So if​ you've ever wondered what other online opportunities could be out there,​ consider social networking .​
It could be the​ next great online marketing channel.
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