Should You Neglect These Online Data Backups That Could Kill Your Business

Total Wiped Out! Disappeared! Vanished!...these were the​ words from one of​ my friends when one of​ his online databases had been hacked into and caused a​ total havoc to​ his online business. All his mailing lists,​ data files and valuable information pertaining to​ his e-commerce were lost beyond recovery,​ simply because he overlooked the​ importance of​ regular backup.

These days,​ database-driven websites are just as​ important as​ the​ business itself. All the​ customer data,​ transaction information as​ well as​ your mailing lists are stored in​ database format. Popular ones are the​ open-source database called MySQL.

But the​ main problem here for all the​ home business owners especially is​ that they would tend to​ rely on​ their web hosting to​ provide them the​ so-called reliable hosting. the​ fact is,​ most of​ the​ web hosting in​ general on​ the​ internet are just as​ fragile as​ you​ could expect. Ever heard of​ just many of​ the​ poor websites been hacked and corrupted by the​ unscrupulous hackers,​ for example?

While we can’t really totally prevent these hacking from happening,​ it​ is​ therefore crucial for you​ to​ be able to​ take your own preventive measures to​ periodically backup your website databases. Here are some of​ the​ reasons why a​ database backup is​ important to​ your business.

Maintain minimal site downtime
There are times when you​ would want to​ switch to​ another hosting for your websites,​ but the​ hassle of​ contacting your hosting for the​ help on​ backups and restoration of​ your databases can,​ at​ times be a​ major set back for you. That is​ why,​ once you’ve figured out and got used to​ backing your database,​ duplicating your database into another one can just as​ easy as​ you​ want it​ to​ be. the​ point here is​ to​ consistently backup your database so that you​ will be able to​ restore the​ data back without causing a​ huge delay or​ site downtime. Remember,​ the​ longer the​ delay,​ the​ more money you’ll lose.

Reduce risk of​ database wiped out
With the​ advent of​ immense technologies and tools available to​ the​ potential hackers,​ hacking into your websites and causing havoc to​ your business should prove to​ be a​ peanut for them. There are bunch of​ automated online tools or​ systems available which could backup your online database periodically,​ thus freeing yourself from the​ worries of​ the​ having your database wiped out someday.

Reduce workload from the​ server
Surprisingly,​ most of​ the​ website owners that I know of​ perform their website testing and fine tuning using their web hosting as​ their test bed. Since this method can take away some bandwidth and increase your server workload,​ with your backup file on​ hand,​ you​ could perform the​ same task on​ your own local computer just by restoring the​ backup file. if​ you​ are using a​ phpMyAdmin as​ your database administration console,​ backing up and restoring the​ MySql data is​ easy even for the​ beginners. at​ the​ end of​ the​ day you​ could potentially reduce a​ huge amount of​ workload from the​ server.

Protect Data Corruption
All computer systems are not 100% bug free. There are annoying times when your online system just couldn’t perform the​ way it​ should be and you​ could be driving nuts trying to​ find out what are the​ causes of​ it. it​ could simple be your corrupted data in​ your database. if​ you​ have backup data in​ place,​ you​ can just restore backup the​ relevant tables which you​ suspect have been corrupted or​ you​ can even restore the​ whole database if​ situation warrants. This should essentially save you​ a​ lot of​ your time trying to​ debug your online systems.

As a​ conclusion,​ knowing how to​ backup and restore should be learnt by all the​ online business owners. Backup and restore process can be very simple task for you​ to​ perform and once you’ve got the​ knack of​ it,​ you​ can be rest assured of​ your online database integrity and never to​ worry about losing lots of​ money from your website downtime.

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Should You Neglect These Online Data Backups That Could Kill Your Business Should You Neglect These Online Data Backups That Could Kill Your
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