Shop Around For The Best Mortgage Interest Rate

Shop Around for the​ Best Mortgage Interest Rate
If you​ are currently on​ the​ market for a​ new home,​ or​ you​ are looking to​ refinance your current mortgage,​ one of​ the​ most important things to​ you​ when shopping around for a​ home loan will be the​ mortgage interest rate.
Of course you​ will want your mortgage interest rate to​ be as​ low as​ possible,​ so take some time to​ shop around for the​ best deal.
Shopping around for the​ best mortgage interest rate is​ very important because you​ want to​ go with the​ best deal possible .​
Don’t just settle for the​ first lender you​ come across and go with whatever rate they may offer you.
By shopping around you​ can compare rates and products .​
The difference in​ one percentage point on​ an​ interest rate can mean thousands of​ dollars in​ savings over the​ course of​ a​ thirty-year mortgage.
Think of​ shopping around for a​ mortgage the​ same as​ shopping around for a​ new car.
When you​ are on​ the​ market for a​ new car,​ you​ visit two or​ three car dealerships,​ you​ speak with a​ few different sales people,​ you​ test drive a​ few different cars,​ than make your decision on​ the​ best car at​ the​ best price.
Treat the​ concept of​ shopping for a​ mortgage the​ same as​ you​ would if​ you​ were shopping for a​ car.
The mortgage industry is​ a​ very competitive one,​ and the​ mortgage companies are all too happy to​ compete for your business .​
The last thing a​ mortgage company wants is​ for you​ to​ give your business to​ their competition.
When shopping around,​ let the​ mortgage brokers or​ loan officers you​ are dealing with know that you​ are shopping around .​
By supplying them with this knowledge,​ they will understand the​ importance of​ coming back at​ you​ with the​ best deal they have to​ offer to​ make sure they secure your business.
Once you​ have a​ handful of​ loan officers make you​ their best offer,​ give your consideration to​ the​ one with the​ best rate and to​ the​ scenario that sounds the​ most reasonable.
Remember,​ once an​ offer is​ made to​ you,​ ask to​ see all of​ the​ particulars in​ writing .​
a​ verbal offer may sound great to​ you,​ but without the​ paperwork to​ back it​ up,​ it​ is​ worthless.
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