Setting Your Online Business Up For Success

There is​ a​ common misconception that an​ "online business" requires no investment...that you​ can make money online without spending any.

When we hear this from people who are desparately trying to​ build a​ successful online business it​ makes us angry!

We believe the​ misconception is​ primarily due to​ all of​ the​ hype and false promises that arrive daily in​ our inboxes. Emails promising us that we can make millions of​ dollars with no financial output while we sit at​ home and do nothing. It's insane and it's not the​ truth.

The truth is​ that you​ must treat an​ online business just as​ you​ would a​ business in​ the​ conventional world. you​ must plan on​ investing time,​ money and effort to​ ensure your success. the​ good news is​ that your investment in​ an​ online business will be MUCH,​ MUCH less than that of​ a​ business in​ the​ conventional world.

With an​ online business,​ there are essentials that you​ must have in​ order for your business to​ run smoothly and become successful. you​ can literally run an​ effective online business for $100-$200 a​ month. But first...

Here are six essentials that you​ MUST have to​ run your online business.

1. Your Own Website

This includes a​ domain name and web hosting for your site. you​ must have a​ central place to​ send your customers,​ even if​ you​ are selling multiple products or​ services.

2. a​ Professional Autoresponder

An absolute MUST for any online business. if​ you're not using an​ autoresponder,​ you're losing money! That's the​ bottom line. Your autoresponder should have the​ ability to​ create subscriptions via email and web form and should be a​ professional one with no ads! Fr~e autoresponders look unprofessional and they are not reliable.

3. Ad Tracker

This is​ probably the​ most underused tool that we know of. Consider this - most people who are NOT making money on​ the​ Net have never used an​ Ad Tracker. Yet,​ ALL of​ the​ people that we know who ARE making money on​ the​ Net - use one daily. it​ makes no sense to​ spend money and time on​ advertising if​ you're not going to​ be able to​ determine which ads are producing and which ones are not. an​ Ad Tracker will solve this problem and save you​ time and money in​ the​ long run.

4. Products or​ Services

You must have something to​ sell! This can be a​ service such as​ web or​ graphic design,​ an​ mlm/affiliate program or​ products,​ tangible or​ digital. if​ you​ don't have a​ specific product or​ service in​ mind,​ there are thousands of​ profitable digital products that come with resell rights. This means you​ can resell them and keep 100% of​ the​ profit!

5. you​ must know HOW and WHERE to​ advertise to​ bring targeted prospects to​ your Website!

You can save yourself a​ tremendous amount of​ time,​ money and frustration by learning the​ effective advertising methods that are available online. There are countless worthless ones that are simply a​ waste of​ time. if​ you're new online,​ you​ won't know this unless you​ find someone who is​ successful online and follow their lead. Find a​ mentor or​ a​ membership site that offers step by step Tutorials on​ online promotion. Make sure that the​ tutorials are updated frequently to​ keep up with the​ changing times of​ the​ Internet!

6. Leads

The lifeline of​ any online business! Just because you​ have a​ website and products to​ sell,​ that doesn't mean you're going to​ make money! to​ make money,​ you​ must drive targeted visitors to​ your website. There are THOUSANDS of​ companies on​ the​ web that sell Leads but if​ you​ just pick one out of​ the​ blue,​ it's trial and error. Do some research and find a​ good source for leads. Again,​ you​ can achieve this by finding someone who is​ succcessful and following their lead. or​ join a​ membership site that includes Leads as​ a​ part of​ their package.

So there you​ have it. With these six essentials,​ you've got the​ foundation for a​ successful online business. Without them,​ it's going to​ be a​ tough road ahead. Use them as​ a​ "checklist" and make sure your online business is​ armed for success!
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