Set Up Your Online Business For Less

Set Up Your Online Business for Less
Are you​ starting an​ online business with a​ small budget? That's OK .​
Online businesses are one of​ the​ lowest cost businesses to​ run - if​ you​ know what you​ need to​ pay for and where to​ go.

Follow these suggestions for getting your website set up inexpensively while not sacrificing quality .​
There are some things you​ need to​ pay for (and this will tell you​ how much) and other things you​ can do just as​ well for free .​


There's no reason to​ pay more than $10 for a​ domain name,​ so feel free to​ shop around .​
Domains are important because they give you​ credibility as​ a​ business .​

Free websites do not enable you​ to​ have your own domain name so instead you​ end up with instead of​ .​
See the​ difference? Your customers expect you​ to​ put some money into your business and this is​ a​ clear tip off that you​ are not doing that - and for $10,​ why shouldn't you?


Hosting plans vary considerably .​
Much of​ what you​ pay for will be determined by the​ features your hosting account provides with its service .​

Are you​ setting up a​ simple,​ one page site? you​ could probably use a​ low cost host for $5 per month .​
Do you​ need some extra help with templates and layout or​ expect a​ high amount of​ traffic or​ downloads? you​ may have to​ pay more but it​ can be well worth the​ extra expense to​ have integrated webpages already set up or​ to​ ensure your host is​ providing you​ with enough bandwidth to​ handle the​ traffic on​ your site.

Never use a​ free host,​ unless perhaps you​ want to​ start with a​ blog or​ similar format while you​ get your own website up and running .​
Free hosting usually means you​ pay in​ other ways - lack of​ a​ domain name or​ a​ lack of​ quality .​
Many free hosting accounts are for personal use only and do not allow commercial accounts .​
Try to​ get recommendations from others when looking for a​ good host.


As previously mentioned you​ can find professional templates on​ some hosting services .​
These can give your website a​ professional polish without the​ expense of​ hiring a​ designer .​
You are limited,​ however,​ on​ the​ look you​ choose depending on​ the​ variety of​ designs available .​

Templates are also available to​ others so your site may have the​ same appearance as​ someone else .​
If you​ need custom work done consider hiring a​ freelance web designer from a​ site like or​ ask a​ local student studying web design .​
Freelance sites often put you​ in​ touch with new designers who will charge less while building on​ their experience and adding to​ their portfolio .​

Spending money wisely is​ important when starting any business,​ but some free services will cost you​ in​ reliability or​ image .​
on​ the​ other hand there are some cheap deals you​ may not hear about so don't give your hard earned money (or worse - your credit) for a​ service you​ can pay less for and get the​ same results.

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