Security Issues For Online Businesses

Security Issues For Online Businesses
Shared SSL vs .​
Standard SSL
Shared SSL
If you​ use your hosting company’s shared SSL,​ your checkout page's URL will appear as​ follows:
Standard SSL
If you​ purchase your own SSL Certificate from a​ CA such as​ VeriSign,​ your checkout page's URL will appear as​ follows:
Social Engineering
Social engineering is​ a​ deceptive practice to​ manipulate people into revealing confidential information .​
Criminals have been known to​ trick people into disclosing personal information,​ passwords,​ credit card numbers and other sensitive information .​
Social engineering is​ one of​ the​ most dangerous crimes web surfers and online businesses face today .​
It is​ a​ low-tech crime,​ but it​ can hurt some of​ the​ most sophisticated companies.
This technique is​ commonly used to​ trick a​ consumer or​ business into divulging sensitive information .​
Individuals use this method to​ obtain phone and utility records,​ banking records,​ addresses,​ credit card numbers,​ user names and passwords,​ e-mail addresses,​ and other confidential information .​
Bases on​ the​ information collected,​ the​ criminal can establish an​ even greater authority.
Many U.S .​
companies ask for a​ social security number,​ mailing address,​ phone number,​ mother’s maiden name,​ or​ date of​ birth to​ authenticate customers .​
All of​ which can be easily obtained.
Pretexting is​ frequently used to​ impersonate colleagues,​ authorities,​ bank,​ tax authorities or​ anyone who could have a​ right-to-know in​ the​ mind of​ the​ target .​
The pretexter is​ armed with prearranged answers to​ possible questions that the​ target may ask.
Voices over IP programs are popular among pretexters because they provide an​ easy platform for untraceable phone calls .​
The lack of​ a​ traceable phone number makes the​ pretexter less vulnerable to​ being caught.
Phishing is​ a​ subcategory of​ social engineering where attackers deceptively obtain sensitive information,​ such as​ credit card numbers,​ usernames,​ and password,​ by camouflaged as​ a​ trustworthy entity in​ an​ electronic communication .​
It is​ likely that you​ have received phishing e-mails in​ the​ recent past .​
Some of​ the​ most common phishing attacks involve recognized names such as​ PayPal,​ eBay,​ Amazon,​ and various banks.
Phishing is​ normally carried out through e-mail .​
Instant messaging is​ another common vehicle for attacks .​
The key to​ deceiving people through phishing is​ to​ make a​ link in​ an​ email appear to​ belong to​ a​ legitimate company while the​ link really points to​ the​ site controlled by the​ criminal .​
a​ common trick is​ to​ make the​ anchor text for a​ link appear to​ be a​ valid URL when the​ link actually goes to​ the​ phishers' site.
Phone phishing is​ the​ same principal with a​ low-tech twist .​
Instead of​ e-mail,​ attackers use the​ phone to​ contact their victims .​
They might leave a​ message pretending to​ be calling from a​ legitimate business such as​ a​ bank or​ long distance provider,​ leaving a​ phone number that terminates at​ the​ phisher location.
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