Securing And Maintaining Your Computer And Online Business

Keeping your computer in​ top shape is​ an​ important aspect to​ an​ online business. Why? Without it,​ you​ are not in​ business,​ or​ your business will come to​ a​ complete halt. There are simple things that you​ can do to​ keep your computer safe and running at​ top-notch speed.

Your Computer
You can keep your computer in​ top shape if​ you​ maintain it​ properly. Clean the​ inside of​ the​ unit and make sure that your have enough fans in​ your unit to​ keep the​ components cool. Fans can help extend the​ life of​ your computer.

Operating System
If you​ are going to​ be doing business on-line,​ I would recommend XP Professional,​ this operating system is​ more robust than the​ home version.

Utility Software
AntiVirus software is​ a​ necessity if​ you​ work online. you​ can go with the​ free AntiVirus software,​ although there is​ no guarantee that they will always be diligent in​ keeping the​ antivirus definitions current. or​ you​ can go with the​ paid AntiVirus,​ such as​ Norton antivirus,​ or​ CA Associates EZ AntiVirus. Whatever you​ choose,​ no protection is​ definitely online suicide whether you​ have an​ online business or​ you​ surf the​ net.

Without any security,​ I would not do any personal transactions online. Why? you​ would be a​ sitting duck for keyloggers -- which are hackers that attach a​ program to​ catch your log-in info.

I would also run an​ Adware Program along with your antivirus software,​ such as​ Ad-Aware SE Personal,​ which is​ free. This will hold you​ for awhile,​ but later you​ may want to​ move up to​ the​ paid version.

One last free option is​ to​ scan your computer with an​ online tool called ShieldsUP. ShieldsUP will scan your system for any possible backdoors in​ which hackers can get in. Just go to​ Google Search and type in​ ShieldsUP for a​ free scan.

Daily Computer Maintenance
You can manually keep your computer clean and running by doing the​ following:

Open up your Internet Explorer,​ hit Tools,​ hit Internet Options,​ and go to​ the​ Temporary Internet Files. Here you​ can delete cookies and files online and offline. in​ addition,​ go into History,​ right under the​ Temporary Internet Files,​ and clean that as​ well.

Or you​ can get a​ neat program that does a​ lot of​ window washing for you. It's called "Free Internet Window Washer",​ and as​ the​ name implies it​ is​ free. However,​ they do accept donations to​ keep their expenses down. This little program washes system files,​ MS Office programs,​ Internet Temporary Files for Mozilla FireFox,​ Internet Explorer,​ Netscape and Opera,​ and more. you​ can grab a​ free copy by going to​ my tools section and hitting the​ "Internet Tools Section".

You know your hard-drive will not last forever (in most cases,​ it​ can last about 5 years if​ you​ are lucky),​ so it​ is​ always wise to​ have a​ back-up hard-drive piggy-backed to​ the​ main if​ the​ main drive fails. Or,​ you​ can have all the​ information on​ another computer and run Norton Ghost to​ upload the​ info from one computer to​ the​ new hard-drive.

Back-up Data
It is​ always wise to​ backup your data and software programs,​ in​ the​ event your computer crashes and you​ have to​ reload everything from start to​ finish again. Your back-up data will save you​ time.

Important data,​ such as​ transactions should not sit on​ your desktop. you​ should keep them offline to​ protect yourself from hackers,​ should one get through to​ your computer.

It can happen. It's scary to​ see a​ search box pop up in​ front of​ you,​ and it​ ask's "what do you​ want to​ look at​ next"! if​ you​ see something on​ that order,​ shut down your computer to​ get them off-line,​ and increase your security -- or​ find out where the​ hole is​ in​ your security system. Such as,​ turning off a​ portion of​ your security and forgetting to​ turn it​ back on? Trust me,​ it​ may happen once,​ but after that,​ it​ will not happen again.

These tips,​ though simple,​ should give you​ a​ beginning to​ protecting your computer and keeping you​ aware and secure whether you​ are online or​ offline.
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