Refinance Your Mortgage Rate Unless You Re A Woman

Refinance Your Mortgage Rate - Unless You're a​ Woman
Behind many mortgages,​ there are two people .​
a​ man and a​ woman .​
While both of​ their names are on​ the​ paperwork,​ one of​ them never gets involved with the​ finances more than that.
This person never signs the​ check that goes out monthly to​ the​ mortgage company .​
Couldn't tell you​ what the​ mortgage balance is​ .​
Isn't sure what happens when the​ property taxes come due .​
And hasn't a​ clue about the​ homeowner's insurance (we have some,​ right?).
More often than not,​ this person is​ the​ woman .​
For some women,​ 'finances' is​ a​ dirty word.
If you​ are the​ woman in​ your household and you​ don't even know what the​ interest rate is​ on​ your mortgage,​ it's time to​ get involved .​
And here's why.
* you​ need to​ know for yourself where your food and shelter are coming from.
* you​ are a​ role model to​ your kids.
* you​ need to​ get financially educated so you​ can help YOUR mom when she needs you​ to.
* This world isn't heaven...when the​ unthinkable happens (and some version of​ it​ probably will),​ you​ need to​ be prepared as​ best as​ you​ can.
* you​ can't believe how good you'll feel when you​ learn to​ be in​ (better) control of​ your finances.
At this point you​ may be feeling overwhelmed .​
That's good! Because for many women,​ the​ feeling of​ overwhelm is​ a​ large part of​ what keeps them from getting involved with their family's finances .​
Now that you​ know that fact,​ you​ can do something about it .​
For starters...
* does your mortgage need refinancing? It won't take you​ much research to​ discover this one .​
Talk to​ your spouse or​ pull out your mortgage paperwork .​
What is​ the​ current rate? What type of​ mortgage do you​ have? Do a​ search online for 'mortgages rates' and you'll find a​ lot of​ information to​ get you​ started .​
Aim for learning enough to​ be able to​ have a​ reasonable conversation about the​ topic.
* what types of​ insurance do you​ have? Simply pull out a​ piece of​ paper and list all the​ insurance policies your family has .​
Identify each type of​ insurance (life,​ auto,​ home,​ etc.) .​
Then do an​ online search on​ these insurance types and start reading .​
Look for informative articles,​ not insurance advertisements .​
If (when) you​ get confused,​ sit down with your spouse and ask questions .​
Or call up your insurance agent and make an​ appointment to​ talk .​
It's the​ agent's job to​ make sure you​ understand what you're paying for.
* do you​ have a​ household budget? For our discussion,​ you​ don't need to​ even worry if​ you​ are staying within your budget .​
Just play with the​ numbers and get comfortable knowing where your family's money is​ going .​
You are building awareness and understanding,​ not training to​ be an​ economics professor.
* do you​ have a​ will? How can you​ find out? Focus on​ asking questions one at​ a​ time and finding the​ answers to​ them .​
This will avoid a​ lot of​ overwhelm.
* go to​ the​ library and pick up a​ copy of​ any of​ Suze Orman's books .​
Read and absorb.
That's not so scary,​ is​ it?
Do yourself a​ huge favor and learn one or​ two new things each week about the​ financial world .​
It's a​ decision you​ will never regret and one that can have significant impact on​ the​ rest of​ your life as​ well as​ your family's life together.
Just take it​ one step at​ a​ time.
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