Quick Start Your Online Business With Drop Shipping

You plan to​ start you​ own business and decide to​ sell your products online. After doing some market analysis,​ you​ decide a​ range of​ products to​ sell. Things just get started,​ there are many others factors to​ consider before you​ can start running your online business. After deciding what products you​ will sell,​ you​ are immediately faced with many challenges:

First: "Where to​ store my products? I want to​ sell my products online and operate my business from home. I do not have much storage space for inventory at​ home,​ should I need to​ rent a​ store or​ a​ warehouse for this purpose?"

Second: "Since I do not have a​ physical retail shop because I operate my business from home,​ are the​ suppliers willing to​ deal with me?"

Third: "Many suppliers and distributors have a​ minimum order requirement if​ I want to​ purchase at​ wholesales price,​ it​ may cost thousands of​ dollars,​ but I don't have that much of​ money,​ do I need to​ apply for a​ loan from bank to​ purchase them? What if​ these products not sell well,​ Will I tie up with debt for the​ money I owe to​ bank? Why should I tie it​ up in​ inventory?"

Fourth: "I will have to​ upgrade or​ install security system at​ my home as​ I keep my inventory here. And I may budget out my money to​ buy extra insurance to​ cover for my inventory to​ avoid heavy losses which may due by theft,​ fire,​ flood or​ twister".

Fifth: "Shipping cost is​ another thing to​ worry. I need to​ pay the​ shipping cost for buy my products and I may need to​ pay to​ delivery goods out to​ my customers if​ I want to​ offer free delivery service to​ customers."

Six: "How much do I need to​ spend in​ packaging and fulfilling orders? Will I need to​ hire employee to​ do the​ packaging job?"

Wow! There are so many things to​ take care before I can start my online business. is​ there a​ shortcut for these? the​ answer is​ "Yes". These problems can be reduced or​ eliminated by drop shipping.

Drop shipping is​ a​ method that enabled you​ to​ sell your products without the​ need of​ stocking your inventory,​ your drop-ship partners will take care of​ packaging,​ shipping and handling of​ your orders and they will directly delivery the​ orders to​ your customers.

First of​ all,​ you​ need to​ open a​ reseller account your selected distributor which can provide you​ with drop-shipping service,​ the​ distributor will become your drop-ship partner. Normally,​ some fee involve in​ reseller account set up. Once your reseller account has been set up,​ you​ can start your online business right away.

When you​ make a​ sale,​ your customer will pay you​ at​ your selling price plus shipping charge,​ you​ will route your order to​ your drop-ship partner and make arrangements to​ pay for the​ order at​ your wholesale price plus shipping charge. Your drop-ship partner then ships the​ product to​ your customer with your invoice and shipping label.

There are many advantages of​ using drop-shipping partners in​ your online business:

  • You eliminate the​ high costs of​ holding inventory at​ your place

  • You don't get stuck with goods that don't sell

  • You don't need to​ pay for other expenses associated with maintaining inventory.

  • You not need to​ worry about packing,​ handling & shipping to​ fulfilling your customer's order; your drop-ship partner will take care of​ it.

In Summary

The real advantage to​ drop-shipping arrangement lies in​ keeping your costs variable. Instead of​ being stuck with these expenses up front,​ whether you​ sell or​ not,​ you​ pay only when you​ make a​ sale. With drop-shipping arrangement,​ you​ can set up your online business fast & easy.
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