Publicity And Marketing The Perfect Niche For Successful Virtual Assistants

We all realize how Virtual Assistants have revolutionized the​ way we work today. Most businesses now count on​ their Virtual Assistant the​ same as​ they used to​ count on​ their secretaries,​ only so much more. VAs are a​ prized and respected part of​ their client’s team,​ and unlike secretaries,​ who often were taken for granted,​ Virtual Assistants are praised for their professionalism and skills. Most businesses today can’t imagine where they would be without their VA. And as​ the​ potential for success in​ a​ virtual assistant business continues to​ explode,​ so does the​ need for good Virtual Assistants.

Today’s Virtual Assistants need to​ take pride in​ their business and also to​ learn as​ much as​ they can about their niche,​ which is​ the​ specialty they have chosen to​ specialize in. One niche that I highly recommend is​ to​ offer publicity and marketing services to​ clients. This is​ an​ area that is​ growing in​ leaps and bounds as​ more and more authors,​ businesses,​ and other professionals realize the​ need to​ market their business to​ get good publicity. a​ business can expand tremendously when hiring a​ Virtual Assistant to​ help them spread the​ word about their products or​ services. Also,​ authors today aren’t aware that once they write a​ book,​ that’s when the​ real work begins. They need to​ get the​ word out about their book in​ order for it​ to​ be successful. That’s where a​ good Publicity VA comes in.

Publicity and marketing is​ thrilling to​ say the​ least. There’s such a​ great rush when your client gets recognized in​ national magazines,​ or​ a​ TV station wants to​ do a​ segment on​ them and you​ helped them achieve this success. or​ better yet,​ when your efforts start resulting in​ substantial increased sales for them. Clients will not only keep using your services,​ but also tell others about this new positive addition they have to​ their business. And best yet,​ you​ too get to​ feel that satisfaction as​ you​ are helping them achieve their goals.

One of​ my most successful tips is​ learning how to​ effectively use any publicity that a​ client receives. When clients get national attention in​ a​ magazine,​ newspaper,​ or​ TV Segment,​ or​ even on​ a​ popular website,​ it’s important to​ make sure that everyone is​ aware of​ this. a​ press release should immediately go out to​ announce their accomplishment. This release should be added to​ their website and also should go to​ all their local papers,​ radio stations,​ and TV networks. Media loves to​ highlight a​ success story of​ their locals,​ so make sure you​ get this out there as​ soon as​ you​ can. And you​ don’t have to​ wait for the​ publicity to​ happen. if​ your client lands a​ major TV segment,​ you​ can start sending this press out beforehand in​ order to​ get more media for when the​ event happens. you​ just want to​ make sure that the​ client is​ fairly confident the​ segment will air. Also,​ don’t worry if​ the​ segment gets bumped back,​ that often happens as​ breaking news takes priority. This can almost be a​ blessing,​ as​ then you​ get to​ do more publicity before the​ airdate.

It’s also important to​ follow-up with the​ reporters and let them know how much you​ appreciate the​ acceptance of​ your quotes for an​ article. When you​ go the​ extra step to​ show them your appreciation,​ they remember you​ when the​ next article comes up and they need help with more expert advice. Many reporters work for multiple magazines so one good ally can lead to​ lots of​ media exposure. Always keep your PR hat on. Learn to​ take any situation and turn it​ into good press for your clients and your business as​ well. Stay on​ top of​ current events and see if​ you​ have anything to​ offer. Whenever a​ story hits the​ press that any of​ my clients would have a​ connection to,​ I’ll send it​ right away. Having press releases already prepared for clients on​ their business is​ always a​ great help. How do you​ know about these events? Sign up for Google Alerts under the​ topics of​ interest and then whenever a​ story is​ written,​ you​ can follow-up with your press release or​ article to​ the​ reporter. it​ works! I also use ProfNet from PRNewswire,​ which allows me to​ get daily leads from major news outlets. you​ can also consider PRLeads.

It’s also important to​ learn how to​ write a​ good press release and article and also where to​ send those. Make sure that your press releases and articles are newsworthy and also something that interests the​ readers. When I write a​ release,​ I always think would I read this release? Would it​ interest me? if​ not,​ I doubt your target audience would be reading it​ either. Plus,​ be careful to​ sound too promotional. you​ can easily get your message across without sounding like an​ ad.

Publicity is​ a​ great niche for VAs. Want to​ learn more,​ join us May 17th,​ as​ we do a​ teleseminar with Joan Stewart,​ the​ Publicity Hound at​ 1:00 p.m. EST. Also,​ this teleclass will be recorded and make available afterward as​ well.
Publicity And Marketing The Perfect Niche For Successful Virtual Assistants Publicity And Marketing The Perfect Niche For Successful Virtual
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