Promotional Strategies For Your Online Business

Tag – You’re It!

Make it​ easy for your website visitors to​ tag you. Help your readers to​ spread the​ word about your content through social book marking and social networking. Provide links to​ social networking site on​ the​ end of​ your articles. Social book marking sites enable readers to​ share your book marks publicly,​ tagging them to​ help others to​ find them. When you​ have great articles on​ your website your readers will tag them so other people can find them.

Press Releases

Keyword rich press releases are similarly effective to​ writing articles. PRWeb is​ one of​ the​ most popular press release systems. a​ press release is​ great tool to​ announce a​ change to​ your company such as​ the​ redesign of​ your website or​ to​ announce a​ new product. Your press release could result in​ an​ interview with a​ newspaper or​ magazine editor.

Historically,​ press releases were aimed at​ news editors. Today,​ press releases are aimed directly at​ web surfers. Your job is​ to​ write an​ interesting press release with quality content. you​ only have a​ few seconds to​ convince the​ reader that your press release is​ worth reading. Your title and the​ first couple of​ sentences are the​ most important components of​ a​ great press release. Focus on​ what your audience wants to​ read not what you​ want to​ write.

Page Elements

Write catchy page titles. Perform a​ search with some of​ your most relevant keywords. Examine the​ first page results,​ and see which one grabs your attention. Write down the​ most captivating page titles,​ and see if​ you​ can write better ones for your pages. the​ same is​ true for your Meta description tags. Even though,​ some search engines no longer list Meta description content it​ won’t hurt to​ have a​ catchy description.

Name your images with your keywords within the​ image file name. For example,​ if​ you​ have images of​ candles on​ your site,​ name the​ image files such as​ “candle-product-name.jpg,​” or​ “candle-product-description.jpg.” Search engines might give you​ traffic based on​ your image file names. With minimal effort people performing an​ image search could land on​ your website.
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