Promote Your Local Business Online And Offline

Nowadays,​ many people search online for services instead of​ reaching for the​ phone book. to​ increase your online exposure your pages should include your street address,​ zip code,​ phone number,​ and five-digit zip code. Include place names in​ the​ title tag such as​ “the name of​ your city and your service.” When you​ seek links to​ your site contact local businesses. a​ noncompeting local business should be interested in​ exchanging links with you. Make sure that the​ anchor text includes the​ name of​ your city. List your business within local business directories. if​ you​ are a​ member of​ you​ local chamber of​ commerce,​ ask for a​ link from their website.

Submit to​ Directories

Links from directories are some of​ the​ most valuable links you​ can get. Note: Directories are not the​ same as​ search engines. a​ link from a​ directory will help your search engine ranking. There are thousands of​ online directories,​ but some are more significant than others. in​ addition to​ directories such as​ the​ Open Directory Project,​ some of​ the​ most important search engines such as​ Yahoo and Google have directories of​ their own.

Some of​ the​ greatest advantages of​ submitting your site to​ directories are you​ get:

· One-way links. Remember,​ one-way links are more valuable than reciprocal links;
· Potentially qualified clients repeatedly see your listing.

Obtaining links from directories drive an​ increasing amount of​ traffic to​ your site. in​ addition,​ you​ are improving your ranking within search engines such as​ Google and Yahoo. Once you​ submit your site information to​ a​ directory,​ it​ may take weeks or​ even months to​ get listed.

While many directories are free,​ don’t be surprised when you​ are asked to​ pay for submission. Certain directories promise to​ expedite the​ submission process for paying customers. Directories provide you​ with a​ constant stream of​ visitors and highly valuable one-way links,​ be sure they are part of​ your marketing strategy.

Submit Your Site to​ Industry Sites and Specialized Directories

Because a​ link from a​ relevant site is​ more important than one from an​ irrelevant site,​ links from industry sites and specialized directories are highly valuable. if​ your business is​ a​ member of​ professional associations,​ ask for a​ link to​ your site. the​ more links you​ obtain from related websites,​ the​ more likely your site will be considered an​ authority site.

Searching online you​ will find directories focused on​ your particular industry such as​ business coaching,​ accounting,​ retail,​ and such. you​ almost certainly belong to​ various trade associations that list member sites. Contact the​ Webmaster and ask for a​ link. you​ may get a​ link for free or​ you​ may be required to​ pay a​ fee,​ either way,​ it​ is​ worth it.
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