Overfed And Undernourished The Nutrition Paradox

Overfed and Undernourished the​ Nutrition Paradox
We live in​ the​ wealthiest country in​ the​ world,​ a​ place where food is​ in​ abundance. Were bombarded with advertisements urging us to​ supersize our portions and take advantage of​ foods that are easy to​ prepare. We are also working more than ever,​ and even our children are overscheduled,​ so we often compromise and take a​ trip through the​ drive through rather than fix a​ homecooked meal. the​ result? Were overfed but undernourished,​ meaning that we often dont get the​ nutrition we need to​ sustain our bodies and minds.
Given the​ hectic pace of​ lifestyles today,​ its doubtful that were going to​ suddenly have an abundance of​ free time on​ our hands. That means that we need to​ take steps to​ ensure that we and our families are getting the​ nutrition necessary to​ promote health and wellbeing. When you​ cant eat whole foods and clean protein,​ the​ next best thing is​ to​ supplement your diet with vitamins to​ ensure that your body receives the​ nutrition it​ needs.
Once you​ make the​ decision to​ supplement your diet with vitamins,​ how do you​ choose among the​ thousands of​ products on​ the​ market?
Capsule vs. Liquid
The first decision to​ make is​ whether to​ choose a​ pill supplement or​ a​ liquid supplement. Although most people are accustomed to​ popping vitamins in​ capsule form,​ research indicates that pills and capsules can travel through your digestive system with only minimal absorption. in​ other words,​ the​ capsule doesnt disintegrate where it​ does the​ most good,​ so you​ excrete most of​ the​ nutrients.
Research has shown that a​ supplement in​ liquid form is​ more readily absorbed into your system,​ maximizing the​ benefits of​ the​ vitamins contained in​ the​ liquid. So,​ if​ youve decided to​ obtain supplemental nutrition through vitamins,​ opt for the​ liquid supplement over the​ capsule or​ pill.
Single Vitamins vs. Multiple Vitamins?
Choosing a​ liquid supplement is​ one way to​ boost the​ effectiveness of​ a​ nutritional supplement,​ but what else should you​ look for? to​ make your life as​ easy as​ possible,​ its best to​ choose a​ good multiple vitamin. After all,​ who wants to​ keep track of​ the​ dosages of​ a​ dozen or​ more individual vitamins?
A liquid supplement that has as​ its base aloe vera and sea vegetables is​ a​ great start. the​ combination provides important glyconutrients,​ which help your cells function properly and,​ in​ essence,​ talk to​ one another. the​ most powerful combination is​ one that incorporates vitamins,​ minerals,​ essential fatty acids,​ amino acids,​ phytonutrients,​ and enzymes. This kind of​ combination will help sustain your energy level while promoting intercellular health and supporting your immune system.
Although taking vitamins isnt a​ substitute for eating whole foods,​ liquid vitamins act as​ an insurance policy to​ supplement the​ nutrition you​ get from your regular diet. Heres to​ your health!
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