Options For An Online Business A Beginners Guide

Options For An Online Business a​ Beginners Guide
There’s more than one way to​ skin a​ cat,​ and there’s more than one way to​ make money online. in​ fact,​ there are tons of​ ways! I’ll list a​ few here.
Information or​ Content Sites
Basically this is​ just what it​ sounds like…a website with lots of​ good information on​ a​ particular topic.
How do you​ make money?
There are several ways sites like this can make money. They can be monetized with Google AdSense ads. you​ can recommend affiliate products basically selling other people’s stuff for a​ commission on​ content sites. you​ can sell advertising on​ a​ busy site.
Product Sales Sites
This is​ a​ site that sells products,​ whether physical or​ digital. Physical products would include things that need to​ be shipped like your lavender booboo salve that everyone raves about or​ your soy candles that don‘t pollute the​ air.
Digital products would be things like an ebook that shares all your home school or​ discipline tips or​ an audio or​ video that teaches someone how to​ do something faster,​ easier or​ better.
There are thousands of​ people online every day looking to​ buy cool stuff. Someone’s gotta sell it​ to​ them!
Even if​ you​ don’t make the​ product yourself,​ you​ can find companies that do drop shipping. For instance,​ World Wide Brands is​ a​ drop shipping company endorsed by eBay itself.
Service Businesses
A service site would market some valuable service that you​ provide. For instance,​ parenting coaching or​ marriage counseling. With this kind of​ business you’re trading your time for dollars,​ but you​ can also learn to​ earn more money passively by incorporating affiliate products into your business.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is​ basically selling other people’s products or​ services for a​ commission. This kind of​ business has several advantages
1 It’s inexpensive to​ start affiliate programs are free to​ join.
2 There is​ no inventory to​ clutter up your home
3 you​ can start an affiliate site and earn passive income. Once it​ is​ set up and getting steady traffic,​ you​ can go into maintenance mode and only update it​ rarely,​ yet still receive regular income from it.
Direct Sales
Direct sales can be a​ great choice for someone who wants a​ built in​ product,​ business plan and support wrapped up in​ one package. Plus the​ market research has been done already and there are people interested in​ the​ product.
To find a​ direct sales company,​ you​ may want to​ visit the​ Direct Sales Association you​ can search there for companies that market all sorts of​ products. if​ you’re already building a​ direct sales business why not take it​ to​ the​ web so the​ world can be your customer or​ business prospect? Tons of​ people search online for business opportunities. There are a​ lot of​ advantages to​ taking your existing direct sales business to​ the​ web.
EBay business
You were wondering when I ​ was going to​ get around to​ this,​ weren’t you? Online auctions have made it​ possible for thousands of​ people to​ earn a​ full time living on​ the​ Internet.
If you​ make your own product whether a​ physical product or​ a​ digital one,​ you​ would be smart to​ do eBay at​ least part time. EBay is​ the​ second busiest site on​ the​ web. it​ would be wise of​ you​ to​ take advantage of​ their traffic to​ increase exposure to​ your business! you​ can do eBay exclusively or​ combine it​ with your other business idea to​ increase your earnings and exposure.
Internet Talk Radio/Podcasting
This is​ a​ relatively new concept Internet talk radio available on​ demand 24/7 by anyone who has a​ computer! it​ sounds complicated but really isn’t. Publishing audio on​ your website is​ as​ easy as​ signing up for an Audio Acrobat account,​ lifting your phone and dialing a​ number,​ and talking! Imagine getting paid to​ talk about your favorite topics!
As I’m writing this,​ there is​ Healthy Family Talk Radio,​ Natural Moms Talk Radio,​ Homeschooling Talk Radio,​ Baby Talk Radio,​ Army Wife Talk Radio,​ Work at​ Home Mom Talk Radio… and there is​ plenty of​ room for more shows.
How do you​ make money?
You earn money from advertising,​ as​ well as​ from affiliate sales. For instance,​ let’s say you​ interview a​ popular author on​ your show. you​ put a​ link to​ their products on​ Amazon. com on​ your site. People listen to​ the​ show and want to​ learn more,​ so they buy the​ book and you​ get a​ commission. you​ can also sell advertising space on​ your show’s site,​ as​ well as​ on​ air ad spots. you​ can even monetize the​ site with Google AdSense if​ you​ like.
As you​ can see,​ there are many ways you​ can earn income on​ the​ Internet. Pick a​ business model that suits you​ and get started!
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